X-Men Legends is the most underrated X-Men title

Whereas Marvel Comics has a number of ongoing books related to the X-Men, his best exists outside of those stories. An X-Men series has flown largely under the radar and X-Men: Legends deserves much more attention from fans.

Many fans of Marvel’s core superhero team, the X-Men, may have found the team’s recent and current era frustrating, slow, or not their type of book. Given the convoluted storylines, sometimes overlooked heroes, and crossovers, the ongoing X titles may not be every fan’s ideal direction for the team. However, there is a x-men book that features classic heroes, with creators from the pinnacle of the team. This series is ideal for fans of the more classic and nostalgic version of the team.

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X-Men: Legends released its first volume in 2021 and lets fans read retro stories of their favorite heroes written by classic writers. The first volume featured Walter and Louise Simonson, Brett Booth, Larry Hama, and even Chris Claremont himself. Beginning with a story by Roy Thomas, Gerardo Sandoval and Dave Wachter, the ongoing second volume is equally brilliant. And with Ann Nocenti and Javier Pina set to jump on the show, the allure of major creators isn’t likely to fade any time soon.

The Krakoa era of x-men has been criticized for many things by fans. Among these are low stakes, excessive crossover events, and storylines that sometimes lead nowhere. While there may be rocky stories down the line, the Legends immerses readers in classic Bronze Age action, including a scuffle between Wolverine and Hulk. The first arc of the second volume took Wolverine back to his roots, seeing him as a solo character forced to work with other mutants for Canadian military goals. It also told the early introductions between Wolverine and key mutant characters – even giving Wolverine’s iconic mask an origin story.

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Without the need for cross-purchases, uncontrollable events or crowded lists, X-Men: Legends presents readers with easy reading. The writing, stories, and designs will feel familiar to X-Men fans, both from its heyday in the 1980s and the popular animated series. It’s action-packed and tells shorter stories than fans buy into in the main title. While many fans may feel invested in the main book and its Krakoa era, this series can provide a great nostalgic chill streak to call back to classic adventures. In many ways, the title reads as well as any ongoing mainline book at Marvel.

The main selling point of this series is simple. Readers can see their favorite X-Men heroes in a more classic light and support the very creators who helped make Marvel what it is today. With an eye to the action-packed pacing that made the series so great, plus plenty of fan service, X-Men: Legends makes every moment the great X-Men comic as the main series. And while many fans are quick to beg for the return of the creators they grew up reading about, this series gives all fans a chance to support those same creators.

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Another key benefit of this series for Marvel is that, as a single, standalone series, it can have appeal for multiple publishers. One of the reasons many fans tend to coalesce around a single publisher is the cost and investment of buying into two worlds at once. However, with X-Men: Legendsa CC fan or even a casual reader can easily jump on this series and give it an easy read. While Marvel naturally puts more marketing behind the main series, there could be a lot to be gained by promoting a book that has so much appeal.

Fans and Marvel may be more invested in the main series, but X-Men Legends is truly the book dedicated X-Men fans deserve. Not only does it give fans a straightforward and easy-to-read series, it also reunites them with some of the greatest classic comic book authors. The action-packed storylines and incredibly dynamic yet retro-styled art remind readers of X-Men at its absolute peak and are a great addition to any fan’s bucket list.

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