Will we one day have the 5th wave 2?

So far, there has been no official comment from the stars of the film or Sony Pictures on a possible “The 5th Wave” sequel. However, upon further investigation, the fate of the series can eventually be determined.

At Rotten tomatoes, “The 5th Wave” has a Critics Score of 16% and an Audience Score of 38%. The general consensus reads: “With unimpressive effects and plot points seemingly pieced together from YA’s previous dystopian sci-fi films,” The 5th Wave “ends up looking more like a derivative, limp wiggle. . ”“ The 5th Wave ”unfortunately didn’t seem to suit critics or fans well due to its addiction to the tropes often found in this genre.

Plus, the film’s box office result wasn’t too good, either (via Mojo ticket office). With an estimated budget of $ 38 million, the gross domestic $ 34 million was not even enough to break even. Overall world gross, however, was just under $ 110 million. Both factors of critical reception and box office performance could have affected the potential for sequelae, as discussed by Daily News from Hind.

The publisher speculated: “Faced with the disappointing revenues of The 5th Wave … and the disastrous reviews, Sony Pictures decides to put an end to the exploitation of the literary saga. While there has been no official Sony Pictures cancellation announcement, Daily Hind News appears to imply that these factors have led to Sony’s disinterest in continuing the series.

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