Will Arcane have a second season? When will the second season of Arcane be released?

League of Legends‘animated television series, Esoteric, concluded a one-season thriller, leaving fans to digest everything they witnessed in all three acts.

Considering how captivating the series was, even waiting for the release of the next episode may have been years for some fans, leading them to wonder when the next season of Esoteric would be available on Netflix or if there would even be another season.

Neither Netflix nor Riot Games have explicitly confirmed a second season of Esoteric. Even before the series launched, however, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent stated that the company was “committed to Esoteric for several seasons. There seems to be some interest on Riot’s side, and the show’s success could boost the show’s chances of getting another season. The League The universe is filled with many awesome stories, so writers are unlikely to run out of material anytime soon.

When arcana release of the second season?

While Esoteric will likely see a second season, the release date for the next episode of the series is unclear at this time. Most TV shows and animated series often take a year-long hiatus between their seasons, so following this logic, Esoteric could return in November 2022. There has been no official date announcement and production schedules may change, however, so fans should wait for official confirmation of the second season before expecting a schedule.

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