Why some people hate Marvel’s smartest character

Marvel has announced the relaunch of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in time for their animated series on Disney XD, so why hate Lunella Lafayette?

Many people continue to hate Marvel’s smartest character, 9-year-old Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon girl, who is most often found alongside his time-traveling, volcano-colored T-Rex partner Devil Dinosaur. Lunella’s unmatched intelligence has led her to incredible victories as a superhero, and what her mind can’t resolve, Devil Dinosaur usually gnaws at. With Marvel recently announcing the return of the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comedic in time for their titular animated series to arrive on Disney XD in early 2022, what could be causing the disdain she faces?

Moon Girl was first introduced in 2015 when she met Devil Dinosaur, who had been transported from prehistoric times to modern times. She then discovered that she was an Inhuman capable of exchanging her consciousness with the Devil Dinosaur. Before even discovering her powers, she was a genius. For some, the lack of appreciation for Moon Girl stems from the fact that she is too young to be considered smarter than Marvel’s more established geniuses. To distinguish herself as the smartest, precocious Lunella took a skill test designed by Bruce Banner to measure intelligence. Despite the attempts of other super-geniuses, Lunella was the only person to finish it, thus proving herself “the smartest around” – a fact she has no problem passing on to heroes and villains when she meets them. In Moon Girl and Diable Dinosaur # 47, Writer Brandon Montclaire and artist Alitha E. Martinez show even Marvel’s most accomplished genius, Reed Richard is unable to complete the Banner BOX after an hour while it only took Lunella a minute to finish it.

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Another source of this hatred comes from the fact that Moon Girl can have a rather patronizing and arrogant demeanor. While this may arise out of fear that she might not have her place in the world as a young super-intellect, she still stands up for herself and refuses to be overlooked even by those who try to help her. For example, Moon Girl’s only recurring allies outside of the pet-like Devil Dinosaur are Doombot’s disembodied head and a robotic version of herself that she made to cover herself in school. Lunella can be quite abrasive to her classmates, parents, and other superheroes, once throwing a shoe at a snoring devil’s dinosaur.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

As Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur aimed at a younger audience, many detractors may forget the feeling of being ignored by adults or not recognized by classmates. Children know these feelings all too well. Moon Girl’s ability to stand up to anyone who tries to put her down is a powerful element in attracting young readers looking for a hero to connect with. Moon Girl’s power isn’t just her intelligence or her ability to swap bodies with Devil Dinosaur (often completely by accident with hilarious results), but Lunella also has a sort of social power that allows her to push back without being diminished. per person. This is the real power young readers want even when they dream of Wolverine’s clutches or Hulk’s strength.

While some may hate Marvel’s smartest character because they think his hyper-intelligence is undeserved in a world of accomplished super scientists like Tony Stark and Reed Richards, Lunella’s condescension to their favorite characters is a more likely cause. However, those elements serve to make her look more like her super-awesome contemporaries, and that, combined with her obvious youthfulness, made her an appeal to young audiences in the first place. Plus, almost everyone wants a Devil Dinosaur companion at any age. Fortunately, the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur the animated series is well advanced for the start of 2022. While Moon Girl may be maligned by some, with more Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Along the way, it’s easy to see just how much love outweighs all hate for Marvel’s smartest character.

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