What you need to know about Arcane, the League of Legends’ Netflix show

(Photo: Netflix / Riot Games)

The Long Wait is Almost Over Arcane, the upcoming Netflix animated series based on Riot Games’ hit online multiplayer game Battle Arena League of Legends. The series premieres on November 6 and will give fans of the franchise the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Runeterra and learn more about some of their favorite characters through this series.

Read on for everything we know so far about Arcane.

What is the plot and setting of Arcane?

Arcane follows the story of Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, and Jinx, the Loose Cannon, sisters turned enemies and two of the most popular League of Legends champions. Their story will then merge with the struggle between the twin towns of Piltover and Zaun.

The series will follow the two sisters through their difficult childhood and the different paths they took as adults. This ultimately leads them into a conflict that juxtaposes the brutal struggle between Piltover, where Vi enforces law and order, and Zaun, where Jinx regularly wreaks havoc.

Piltover is a rich and technologically advanced utopia which is known throughout Runeterra as “the city of progress”. While Piltover thrives and dominates everything, Zaun, on the other hand, is an abandoned and seedy underground city that languishes under its counterpart.

The delicate balance of power between the two cities will be threatened by the invention of hextech technology, which allows anyone to control magical energy and one of the driving forces of Arcane history.

Which champions do we know are confirmed in the series?

Vi the Piltover Enforcer, one of the main characters in Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends animated series on Netflix.  (Photo: Riot Games / Netflix)

Vi the Piltover Enforcer, one of the main characters in Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends animated series on Netflix. (Photo: Riot Games / Netflix)

Besides the sisters Jinx and Vi, a few other characters have been confirmed to make an appearance on the series.

Along with the teasers, the posters released by Riot Games include a young Viktor, known to be the Machine Herald. He was working with Jayce, who is also on the show. We could see the backstory of their falling out and their bond with the sisters. Caitlyn, who works with Vi in the current Piltover, will also be in Arcane.

While Arcane will give League of Legends Fans of familiar characters, new faces will also play an important role in the story. Foremost among them is Silco, who has featured in numerous teasers and appears to be the series’ main villain.

There’s also Mel, who is still little known, and Vander, who many fans theorized to be Warwick before his transformation. This theory, of course, can only be tested once the series is published.

Who are Arcane’s voice actors?

The voice actors from the original video game will not be reprising their roles, as a new cast of voice actors is taking on some of our favorite icons. Most notably, Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit fame will be lending her voice to Vi.

Here are the rest of the voice actors in the series:

When and where will Arcane be released?

Netflix will release the first three episodes of Arcane on November 6, shortly after the conclusion of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Grand Finals.

Fans can then look forward to three new episodes over the next two weeks following the show’s release. Here is the Arcane series episodes release schedule:

  • Act 1 (episodes 1-3) – November 6

  • Act 2 (episodes 4-6) – November 13

  • Act 3 (episodes 7-9) – November 20

Arcane will be released worldwide via the Netflix streaming platform. The series will also be available in China via Tencent Video as part of Tencent’s partnership with Riot Games.

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