What is No Game No Life about and should you watch it?

No Game No Life is an animated series released in 2014. If you haven’t watched it already, I’m going to give you a review and analyze if it’s perfect enough to watch or if it should be ignored. The series is inspired and adapted from the light novel series of the same name. The series received an IMDb rating of 7.8.

What is No Game No Life?

The story of the series is inspired by the novel, therefore having the same script as the novel with some or no changes. The story is described as two siblings named Sora and his half-sister Shiro are gamers. By players I mean first class, fully qualified, the best and invincible. They made a name for themselves thanks to their skill.

One day, they are visited by a person who claims to be a god in another world where humanity is extinct, and the two siblings are challenged to fight and save humanity through games. . The other world cannot stand violence and decides to confront each other only through games. We will see how Sora and Shiro use their talent and skills, teamwork and presence of mind to help and save humanity.

Should you be watching no game, no life?

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Honest opinion on this series for someone who has no interest in the video game world is a big no. The thing about series and movies, etc. who have the concept of gambling tends to be boring for people who don’t play games or have no interest in games. It might not interest them because it will be beyond their thinking capacity.

On the other hand, hardcore gamers or gamers in general want to see this series; it will be a nice watch. The show is very well structured and directed, and people around the world have lived by watching it.

Where to watch No Game, No Life?

Viewers can watch the animated series on Netflix. Hulu and Crunchyroll in the United States. The series is divided into 12 episodes with a duration ranging from 24 to 30 minutes each. The series can be watched on the above streaming platforms after paying a subscription fee.


No Game No Life Anime
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The series received mixed reviews, with mostly positive responses and a few negative reviews. The positive reviews were that the series was an excellent watch and that it was interesting; each episode kept viewers hooked, and we couldn’t watch the next episode. Viewers said the story was easy to follow and genuinely interesting, with no loose ends and no confusing plot lines.

On the flip side, negative reviews caved in, claiming the show fell short and other animated series did a better job than this one in the specific genre. The show has been said to demean women in many ways and does not appeal to a number of viewers.

Since you can’t rely on other people’s opinions, if you like the concept of the show, they absolutely have to watch it for themselves.

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