What if…? Art imagines a live-action version of Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

After what if …? toys revealed Spider-Man as a zombie hunter in the animated series, a new fan art piece imagines the character in live-action.

New artwork shows what Spider-Man could look like as zombie-hunting Doctor Strange in live-action What if…? movie. What if…? is the first MCU animated show coming to Disney + next week. The show revolves around alternate timelines, showing what it might look like if Peggy Carter becomes Captain America, what would have happened if Killmonger had saved Tony Stark, and several other storylines that didn’t happen in the movies.

One aspect of What if…? Peter Parker becomes the Supreme Wizard instead of Stephen Strange. Many MCU actors return to voice their characters, but surprisingly, Tom Holland is not returning to voice his webslinger. Zombies have not been introduced in the MCU, with the exception of the zombie Iron Man in Parker’s hallucination in Spider-Man: Far From Home. by marvel What if…? seems to change that by introducing the zombie Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye. It was known for some time that Spider-Man would take on the role of Doctor Strange in the series. However, recent merchandise for the animated series revealed that the character is also believed to be a zombie hunter, hinting that Spider-Man will be hunting down undead heroes in one of the series’ episodes.

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There have been some glimpses of Spider-Man’s role in the animated show via trailers and the What if…? poster, but new fan art from elilusionista.cl imagines Marvel doing some live action What if…? movie or TV show. The art shows the famous webslinger with multiple arms on top of a car with the levitating cape with zombies roaming around him. The artist also included a short video showing how the piece was created, starting with an image of The Last of Us 2 video game.

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What if…? is set to feature several fascinating alternate realities, but a zombie-hunting Spider-Man with the powers of Doctor Strange is arguably the most intriguing. This storyline will not only give Spider-Man a whole new set of powers, but the deaths of Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye are a radical departure from the main MCU storyline. It is not yet clear how these heroes become the living dead. However, this will surely be a unique aspect of the series when the episode airs.

Live action What if…? a movie or TV show might be interesting to watch, but it would also present Marvel with a series of challenges. For one thing, the MCU does not yet have an anthology-style film, which would be considered a risk. It would also mean Marvel would have to bring back several actors from previous films, including Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., both of whom have completed their story arcs. Phase 4 is already ready to show multiple realities thanks to Sylvie who fractured the sacred timeline, so a What if…? real action project just might not be necessary.

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