What children’s book is Lee Reacher based on?

Where could be a better place to start a franchise than in the beginning? The showrunners chose to base the first season of “Reacher” on Lee Child’s debut novel, “Killing Floor.” The novel was a huge hit upon its release, winning numerous awards, including the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. In their review, The Editor’s Weekly called it “a taut, hard-witted first novel” and said, “The child writes with a hand as strong and steady as steel.”

When Jack Reacher, a wandering ex-military police officer with no home or possessions, gets off a bus in Margrave, Georgia, he is immediately arrested for murder. After the police release him after deducing that he was not the killer, he is on the run from town until he finds out that one of the victims was his older brother. Teaming up with a high-strung detective and a tough local cop, Reacher walks the line between revenge and justice as he searches for the killers.

With Reacher’s tendency to get into trouble (or the love of trouble to find it), starting at the beginning gives the new Amazon series room to grow as the quiet but brutal anti-hero goes from town to town. city. Season 1 of “Reacher” premieres on Amazon Prime on February 4.

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