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Microfinance company Web-Loan provides online loans to the population of the Russian Federation. Receipt of funds is carried out in a more flexible and faster way compared to banking institutions. Application for a loan occurs on the official website of the organization.

Loyal requirements for their potential borrowers make it possible for all citizens whose age is between eighteen and ninety years to receive money if they have Russian citizenship. The maximum age of the client in the Web Loan is quite high compared to other MFIs, which allows you to take microloans to a large number of people of retirement age.

The company offers its clients small cash loans in the amount of 1,500 to 30,000 rubles for a period of up to 30 days from the date of receipt. For borrowers with a good credit rating, the organization is ready to offer more favorable interest rates for using the loan.

A positive argument for the first appeal to the MCC “Web-Loan” will be the opportunity to borrow for the first time for up to 10 days without interest. The maximum amount at the same time remains unchanged – thirty thousand rubles.

Personal office of MFO “Web Payday loan”

All work with the MFI occurs through the LC user, which must be registered on the official website.

Registration takes place at the first application for a microloan. The user must go to the website of the credit institution, select the loan size and the period for which it is needed, and then click on the “Get money” button.

After clicking, the client will see the registration form, which must be filled with correct data (information is checked, errors in personal data may cause a rejection of the application).

You must fill in the following information:

  • the user (name, mobile phone, e-mail, date, month and year of birth);
  • passport series and number, information from the registration page;
  • salary size and work experience, indicating the place of work.

After completing the client’s request will be sent to the organization. You will be able to learn about the decision from the SMS message that will come to the mobile number.

LK Web Loan allows its users to:

  • apply for microloans;
  • calculate rates for future loans thanks to a special calculator;
  • find out information on current debts (amount, deadline for return, rate);
  • work with the loan itself (repay the debt with a card, repay the debt ahead of time with a lower commission, extend the repayment term, if the financial capabilities were calculated incorrectly);
  • change personal data;
  • contact support managers for any questions you may have.

The MCC “Web-loan” offers its borrowers the transfer of funds to the card of one of the payment systems or to a bank account.

The term of receipt of money depends on the chosen method:

  • card – immediately after approval;
  • bank account – up to three business days (depending on the bank).

A wide choice of ways to pay off debt allows MFI Web Loan clients to choose for themselves the most convenient:

  • using a card through a personal account;
  • through your online bank;
  • in the branch of any bank by transfer (you will need to pay a commission).

You can reduce the amount of overpayment by early repayment of the debt. To do this, clients of the ISC must go to your personal account to find out the remaining amount of debt.

Next, you need to make the balance in full in any convenient way and confirm the payment.
Borrowers who do not have time to pay off the company on time, extend the term of the refund (before the maturity date, this service becomes available). You will need to pay the accrued interest for using the money.

Tips for choosing a loan

Tips for choosing a loan

When applying for a loan, you must correctly calculate your financial capabilities in order to select the required loan term.

In order to avoid refusal of extradition, it is necessary to carefully consider completing the registration form at the first stage of the application.

If you have difficult questions, each client can contact the support service.