Unemployment Payday Loan

Those who are unemployed are those who in principle only have access to the labor market and who do not work or work less than fifteen hours within one calendar week. Those who are unemployed receive, with some exceptions during the first year of unemployment, the unemployment benefit I calculated on the basis of their previous income and then, if need be, the unemployment benefit II.

Unemployment does not affect the remark information, as German Payday protection does not cover the occupation or employment status. Anyone who has not forfeited a negative entry as an unemployed borrower is thus not necessarily dependent on a remark-free payday loan. Also, non-remark payday loans can be differentiated from payday loans without remark, since the former only eliminates the request before lending, while the approved payday loan is reported to the protection association.

Existing customers receive payday loans partially without remark information

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An unemployment payday loan without remark information can basically be obtained if the borrower is already an existing customer at the relevant bank. Once a Payday limit such as the Payday line has been granted, there is usually no further remark request even if the amount is changed. However, the change in the payday loan amounts granted is reported to the remark. The payday loan requested via a website for mediation between private customers is also suitable as an unemployment payday loan without remark information.

Such leads the occurring as the legal operator of the platform bench once when a new application as a borrower and not again with each further Payday request. In addition, private lenders often lend their payday loans according to social criteria, so that unemployment is not considered a Payday exclusion reason but increases the likelihood of a successful payday loan application. If the payday loan is required for specific purchases, the unemployed person can also order for partial payment without remark information.

The prerequisite is that the customer is already an existing customer of a mail-order company, since a remark request is usual for first-time orders. The unemployed borrower agrees on all Payday options a sufficiently long term and makes sure to be able to pay the resulting payday loan installments of unemployment benefits actually.

The pawnshop and payday loans from the office

The payday loan of a pawn shop is regarded as a classic unemployment payday loan without remark information, at the same time the pawnbroker does not report lending to the Payday protection association. However, the prerequisite for taking out a mortgage payday loan is that the unemployed borrower has a sufficiently valuable and acceptable pawnshop. The job center can also grant an unemployment payday loan without remark information and without a notification of the borrowing to the remark.

The prerequisite is that the client needs the payday loan for urgently needed purchases or for taking up a new job. The payday loan granted by the Office offers the added benefit of repayment in unusually small installments. In addition, the job center does not charge any interest when lending.