Ultra City Smiths trailer kicks off stop-motion baby animated comedy series

AMC + ‘s latest comedy to venture into the genre of adult animation with stop-motion series Ultra City Smiths. The new animated series of half hour baby dolls was created by Steve conrad, who will also be the showrunner, and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the studio behind Robot Chicken. Ultra City Smiths covers the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Ultra City’s most famous tycoon by two intrepid detectives. As the partners deepen the matter, they must work together to tackle the city’s growing corruption in order to make Ultra City safe for their friends and families. The series features an all-star voice cast, including Dax shepard, Jimmi simpson, Kristen bell, John C. Reilly, Baby Neuwirth, Luis Guzman, Alia shawkat, Damon herriman, and of all people, Debra Winger.

The trailer gives audiences a first-hand look at Ultra City and its ensemble, which adopts a harsh and typical black sleuth satirical tone. But baby dolls are decently terrifying, more like American Girl dolls coming to life. certainly owes a lot to Matte stone and Trey parker‘s Team America: World Police, the physical comedy of watching dolls undress, murders, and other degrading acts is really, really funny. The trailer plays off the contrast between the seriousness of the story and the silliness of the medium wonderfully, using intense action music as the backdrop for the dolls smoking and drinking their way through the narrative. That’s enough to make this show worth watching, and the crazy good cast doesn’t hurt.


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The character descriptions perfectly sum up the tropes of the detective genre, which also gently poke fun at its stereotypes. Kurtwood Smith voices Carpenter K. Smith, the tycoon who disappears in the midst of his candidacy for mayor and tries to make the city a better place. Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays Gail Johnson, the veteran detective who is your typical calm and pragmatic police officer. Jimmy Simpson plays David Mills, the rookie of his veteran, a new transplant in the big city of a small town. Bell voices Donella Pecker, a competent official who has to deal with her childish husband, Congressman Chris Pecker, voiced by her husband Shepard.

Additional characters include Reilly’s Donovan Smith, the spoiled son of Carpenter K. Smith and self-proclaimed “Disco King of the Night”. Guzman voices the owner of the nightclub and little crime lord, Rodrigo Smalls. Neuwirth plays Lady Andrea the Giant, the former world champion in women’s heavyweight wrestling. Shawkat plays his daughter, Little Grace, who unwittingly finds herself involved with the wrong people. Melissa Villaseñor voices Sister Mary Margaret, a Catholic nun who helps a local men’s shelter, with Herriman as Street Hustler Boy, an aging jobless prostitute. Finally, Winger was chosen as what she should have been – Oscar-winning actress Trish McSapphire.

The first two episodes of Ultra City Smiths will premiere on AMC + on Thursday, July 22 with episodes dropping out each Thursday. The entire first season will air on AMC later this fall. Discover the trailer for Ultra City Smiths.

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