Types of Loan

In the face of an emergency it is possible to use personal loan as an alternative to control your finances. Although it seems like a quick and simple solution, it is important to think well before closing any deal, especially on how to organize your finances in relation to the applied rates.

When simulating a loan, you have to keep an eye on the CET (Total Effective Cost) that represents the total value of the financial transaction. This sum will show how much the loan will cost at the end in installment.

You need to research and compare different institutions when applying for a loan

Types of loan

Personal loan

The most common and used, is the personal loan. It is offered by both banks and financial institutions. Practically, anyone can apply for this loan, and there are even institutions that offer this modality to those who are negatived. In this case, you have to be aware of interest rates, which can be very high.

Payroll loan

Another option is the payroll loan. This type of credit is available only to those who are working with a formal contract. That is because, the loan installments are deducted directly from the payroll. The advantage is that interest rates are lower than in the previous modality.

Loan with guarantee

It is a good loan option for those who own property (property or vehicle) removed and registered in their name. When requesting this credit, the client leaves the asset as collateral to repay the debt with the bank. Some banks even require that some of the borrowed money be used to pay off debts.

Banks or financial?

Banks or financial?

In general, the interest rates charged by banks are lower than those applied to financial institutions. Which means the loan will become more expensive.

However, if you are negatived, hardly any bank will lend you money. Some financiers like Simplic and Noverde make loans to someone with the dirty name. So if that’s your case, it’s worth doing a simulation with these companies.

Which financial companies offer this online service?

If you have an account at one of several online banks, you can also apply for a loan for these institutions. 

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