Traveling finally gets the respect it deserves

As a new future for Star Trek continues on Paramount +, the various new series have each honored Star Trek: Voyager in their own way.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4, Episode 5, “The Examples,” streaming now on Paramount +.

It has been 20 years since Star Trek: Voyager completed its seven-season run, bringing Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the namesake Starfleet back to Earth after being stranded deep in the Delta Quadrant for years. And while Traveler has certainly and rightly always had his fair share of loyal fans, he always seemed a bit overshadowed by others. Star trek series including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, as a new wave of Star trek programming is coming to Paramount +, each of these series has paid a well-deserved tribute to Traveler in their own way, honoring his place in the franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery, the series that led the charge for new Star Trek lineup, investigated a devastating dark matter anomaly that threatened the stability of the entire galaxy throughout Season 4. Among the Starfleet ships analyzing the data from the anomaly to learn more about its origins and trajectory is a new spacecraft, the USS Janeway – a clear nod to the venerable commander who was promoted to admiral upon his return home. And based on the vital data provided by the Janeway, Starfleet and the Discovery crew are able to ensure that the anomaly is created artificially rather than naturally.

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The new animated series Star Trek: Prodigy takes her appreciation of Janeway one step further, with the titular spacecraft featuring a holographic training program from Janeway herself to teach the next generation of Starfleet cadets how to operate a spacecraft and live up to the ideals of the United Federation. With Kate Mulgrew reprising her role as Janeway, this iteration of Janeway has all the wisdom and dominating presence of the character, even being just a hologram, while subtly beginning to develop her own personality similar to the medical hologram of emergency on Voyager which served with the real Janeway.

Prodigycompanion animated series Star Trek: Lower Bridges extends its celebration of Traveler to encompass the entire crew, revealing that Voyager’s crew were honored as heroes upon their return to Earth. Lower decksThe main character, Brad Boimler, is a self-proclaimed fan of Voyager’s adventures and even has an array of commemorative plaques featuring each of Voyager’s senior officers. This leads to an embarrassing exchange when Voyager’s coxswain, Tom Paris, visits the USS Cerritos where Boimler is stationed, causing Paris to mistake Boimler for a Kazon and attack him.

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Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard

And, of course, it’s worth pointing out that another of Voyager’s most popular crew members, Seven of Nine, plays a leading role in Star Trek: Picard. Gradually regaining the humanity that had been taken from him after being assimilated into the Borg collective at an early age, Seven of Nine defended worlds neglected by Starfleet before joining Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of La Sirena as he discovered a Romulan plot. And with Picard Season 2 is set to debut in February, Seven is confirmed to continue her association with Jean-Luc as the two embark on a time-consuming journey for the fate of mankind.

The advantage of time and interim reassessment has improved significantly Star Trek: Voyageris standing in the resurgence Star trek franchise, with its characters making a comeback in a way that DS9 or his other contemporaries have not yet fully enjoyed it. From fan favorite characters to the main characters themselves reprising their roles, this is the fantastic time to be a fan of Traveler and this favorable reassessment only seems to be gaining momentum. Now if only Star Trek: Enterprise might also get some love late …

Developed for television by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 releases new episodes Thursdays on Paramount +.

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