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The third wave of the first books and comics of The High Republic launched this month. Along with the third novel for adults, The fallen star, the third junior novel also released. The High Republic: Mission to disaster give us everything we love Star wars and we thought a review was in order. A few points to cover before you begin. First, it will contain plot spoilers. If you plan to check out the book at some point, maybe come back after you’ve finished it. Second, the junior novels so far in The High Republicvs were extremely well done. Therefore, do not consider this book to be a children’s book. there is good Star wars content right here for the biggest fan. With that said, let’s dive into what really kicks off phase two of The High Republic.

Star Wars The High Republic’s Disaster Mission Review – Yet another enjoyable junior novel for all readers

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The events of Disaster mission really serve as a springboard for The High Republic Phase 2. We learned this week that the next series of books and comics will take us even deeper into the Star wars chronology. 150 years ago is a definite number, and we learn by Disaster mission that it was around this time that something awkward happened on a little planet called Dalna.

pure and hard Star wars readers will recall that Dalna is briefly mentioned outside of The High Republic. In Douku: The Last Jedi, Dalna appears while Douku remembers visiting various planets in the Outer Rim with his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The planet takes center stage Disaster mission as Vernestra Rwoh and her Padawan Imri Cantaros tackle a threat on the planet. In the book, Avon Starros, a previous character in the junior novels, is taken by the Nihil. She becomes a commodity for her knowledge of the science of kyber crystals and its uses beyond lightsabers. When we discover that the Nihil spacecraft holding its docks on Dalna, we have a little information about the planet.

In short, the danger for the inhabitants of Dalna and our characters is not fully resolved by the end of Disaster mission. It is less important in the grand scheme of things for The High Republic and this review. What’s more remarkable is that Dalna and some sort of “Night of Sorrow” are likely going to be the heart of the Phase Two plot.

What’s next for phase two of The High Republic?

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In phase two, as shared by this week’s announcements, we will delve 150 years into the past from phase one of The High Republic. There are countless ways to approach this backwards launch. Overall, we know that Dalna and the “Night of Sorrow” will be a major plot point. In The High Republic: Mission to disaster, we discover that the Jedi do not have the confidence of the Dalnans. It’s because of what happened that night. The only other significant records of the planet at this time occurred in The High Republic: a test of courage. There, the Nihil seemed determined to destroy this damn place. We see them start to try Disaster mission, but things are at a standstill at the moment.

In addition to the Jedi and their botched mission to the planet, Dalna is home to volcanic environments ready to explode. In Disaster mission, we find that not only can they be set off by enough explosives, but that they have been silent for years. This makes possible an impending catastrophe in the future, or in this case, the past. As we know, the Ro family will be explored as we learn more about the Nihil and their paths in Phase Two. This means that we will probably find out why all over the Outer Rim there is so much going on on Dalna.

As for the sequel, we might see the first beginnings of Jedi distrust across the Galaxy. Of course, there are plenty of other avenues to go when it comes to such wiggle room in terms of storytelling. The High RepublicDiving deeper into the past offers more room to develop other plots, characters and parts of the Star wars universe we know and love.

Purchase the physical copy of Disaster mission March 1, 2022

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After a printing problem, the physical copies of Star Wars: The High Republic: Mission to disaster will be released on March 1, 2022. You can read the digital eBook or listen to the audiobook now. All in all, I really beg Star wars fans to check this one out. If you are new to the High Republic content, then there are better places to start. Overall, the best launching point remains Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. Adult novels also contain the most centralized plot that holds all of the The High Republic together. That said, the junior novels and comics do offer side stories and more detail. For die-hard fans, this is a great way to extend our time into the new era.

Having said that, so many Star wars experience is learning how this world works. The High Republic The content so far has done a great job exploring how the Jedi worked before the Prequel trilogy. The controversial decision to go so far back in time for Phase 2 is a decision that I support. All in all just want more world building, traditions and serious stuff Star wars die-hard fans of content are thirsty. With a dive into a looming major disaster that we see coming, this also conforms to the franchise’s narrative structure. We know the main plot points, but how do we get there?

Do you intend to check Disaster mission after reading this review? Moreover, where are you to profit or not to profit The High Republic until now? If you have any ideas on this new era, so let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things Star wars, comics and pop culture.

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