The Bobby Moynihan animated series reveals its release date

Comedy Central has announced the release date for its new eight-part animated series. lightning wolves by Bobby Moynihan. The next tribute to ’80s cartoons will launch Friday, April 15 at 12 p.m. ET on Comedy Central Animated YouTube and Comedy Central Animated Facebook.

The story of the upcoming animated series follows the titular Lightning Wolves, a team of half-wolf, half-humanoid creatures tasked with protecting the Omniverse from the sinister Moom, the Spell-Warder and his group of deceptive and underworld henchmen. – efficient. The hero team of Wolfi-O, Wolfette, Wolfro, Manitoba, Goofy, and White Wolf must band together to fight these evil forces while learning lessons and becoming better wolves through communication and introspection, while facing the existential. afraid of the fact that they are just toys and nothing really matters.


lightning wolves is a homage to all those 80s cartoons we loved when we were kids,” says Moynihan. “THUNDER CATS, HE-MAN and SHE-RA, GI JOE, VOLTRON, SILVERHAWKS – cartoons filled with important life lessons while secretly selling toys to children. But this one has a lot of curse. Moynihan will also provide his voice to the series, which he is no stranger to. He has lent his voice to numerous animated series and films, including the 2017 reboot of duck talesCartoon Network We bare bearsand the English dub of Tatooine Rhapsody short film that was part of the 2021 Disney+ series Star Wars: Visions. This will be the first animated show he will be at the helm of. Starring Moynihan, the animated series will feature Taran Killam, Ben Schwartzand Cobie Smulders with the rest of the cast showcasing the voice talent of Eugene Cordero, Donald Faison, Sofia Gonzalez, Will McLaughlin, Griffin Newman, Lennon Parham, Nicole Parker, Connor Ratliff, and Jimi Simpson.

Bobby Moynihan
Picture via NBC

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Along with being the show’s creator and voice talent, Moynihan will also serve as the show’s director and writer as well as an executive producer. Other executive producers on the project include Luke Kelly Clyne, Kevin Healeyand Drew Buckley for the Big Breakfast, as well as Jason Berger and Amy Lalett for children playing. Sachi Ezura, Taylor Kowalski, Lisa Kleinmanand Steve Elliot are also executive producers for MTV Entertainment Group. The studio handling the animation for the upcoming series is LowBrow Studios.

lightning wolves will premiere on Comedy Central Animated YouTube and Comedy Central Animated Facebook on April 15 at 12 p.m. ET. Check out the full poster below:



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