The Batman finds love in a hard-hitting animated video promo

A new promotional music video transforms The Batman into a highly detailed animated world, with spotlights on the film’s heroes and villains.

A new clip animated by a team of artists including BossLogic celebrates the premiere of The Batman transforming the grainy film into an elegantly drawn world.

The promotional video was shared on Twitter by the getFANDOM account, which directed fans to the accounts of BossLogic and fellow artist and animator David Liu. In just 37 seconds and with no dialogue, it shows an animated version of Robert Pattinson’s Batman fearlessly taking on a gang of criminals, cut with bold introductions for the film’s main cast.

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BossLogic, a prolific artist who has created official pieces for major studios as well as fan art of all kinds, tweeted to show off the video with an outpouring of praise for The Batman. “[Director Matt Reeves], [composer Michael Giacchino]and the cast and crew of Killer have given us a treasure for the ages,” he wrote.

The tweet also contains a secret message, spelling out “THANK YOU” with the use of various capitals throughout its text.

Although it is only a promotion for the full action movie, the animated clip contains a lot of action and creates uniquely precise animations for the characters. When Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman first appears, she smiles and slyly winks at the camera, but in the end takes her place standing with Batman, centered in the Gotham cityscape. Both heroes are surrounded by red question marks, indicating that there are still mysteries to be solved.

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The Batman, which takes place outside of the DC Extended Universe, begins two years after Bruce Wayne becomes Gotham’s protector, the Batman. In the film, he and James Gordon team up to investigate a series of political murders orchestrated by The Riddler. The BatmanThe hugely successful opening night bodes well for its domestic box office, and Reeves and Warner Bros are now in talks to create a sequel. Producer Dylan Clark has suggested that this sequel will deepen Batman’s career as a hero.

Additionally, two spinoffs are in the works, one supposed to focus on the origins of Colin Farrell’s Penguin and the other showing the history of the Gotham City Police Department before Batman enters the scene.

Although the animated promotion can be viewed from any device, The Batman itself is now in theaters.

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