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Have a good time with these Disney + animated series, there is something for everyone.

Animated series are without a doubt a great solution that you can go to when you want to kill the boredom and have a laugh for a while. Plus, it’s no secret that Disney has been an expert in this area for a very long time. For this same reason, today we will tell you what they are The 7 best Disney + animated series you can watch right now.

Disney +: complete and updated catalog of series and films available

In Disney Plus, there is more than one animated series with the ingredients you need to keep you entertained, so the fun is more than guaranteed. You are not a user of this platform? Well, better to check this list with the 7 best Disney movies you can watch on Netflix.

Best Disney Plus Animated Series

7 Disney + animated series to enjoy in style

Whichever option you choose from this list, you can be sure that you will have a great time no matter where or with who you are. There are Disney + animated series for everyone!

The SimpsonsFatherStar Wars: Bad BatchAmphibiaMarvel: Avengers AssembleNeighbors GreenGreat Heroes: The Series

The simpsons

Meet funniest family on all tv, the popular Simpsons of the city of Springfield. The father, Homer, is not the perfect family man. He works in a nuclear power plant and although he does whatever is necessary to ensure the well-being of his family, sometimes the opposite happens. Find out what life is like for Marge (the adorable mother), Bart (the troublesome son), Lisa (the smart daughter) and baby Maggie.

With his irreverent humor and tireless teasing, The Simpsons won the Emmy Award for Best Animated Series in 2019. So if you wanted to see some good animated series on Disney +, start by meeting the legendary yellow family.

Year: 1989 Seasons: 2 (29 and 30) Available episodes: 59 Approximate duration: 30 minutes

family guy

The Griffins family is another that will have you laughing out loud if you were looking for a good adult animated series on Disney +. Here you will meet the charming and ignorant Peter, his housewife Lois and their three children: Meg (the oldest), the rare teenager Chris and the youngest, Stewie who is a genie baby obsessed with killing his mother and destroying the world.

In a neighborhood in Quahog, Rhode Island, this quaint family makes a living alongside a talkative dog named Brian, who takes care of keeping Stewie at bay while he drinks alcohol and takes care of his own problems. . Did you realize? He is a completely twisted and funny serious.

Year: 1999 Seasons: 19 Available episodes: 369 Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Star Wars: Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a Disney + animated series in which experimental and elite Bad Batch clones explore a galaxy that is changing rapidly and constantly. This event occurs immediately after the Clone Wars ends.

The Bad Bundle members are a unique team that is genetically modified from their Clone Army brethren and each has a special ability. Simply put, they are extraordinarily effective soldiers who make a formidable team for combat. A perfect series for Star Wars fans!

Year: 2021 Seasons: 1 Available episodes: 16 Approximate duration: 29 minutes


Amphibia is a fun animated Disney series that revolves around Anne Boonchuy, an outgoing Thai girl, and Sprig, a talking frog who forge a friendship in a world populated by amphibians and insects. When a magical music box transports Anne to Amphibia, the young girl discovers a world of talking frogs, large insects and all kinds of unusual wonders.

Fortunately for fate, Anne will be accompanied by Sprig who welcomes her and helps her to know what true friendship means. Together Anne and Sprig have all kinds of adventures as she tries to fit in with Amphibia and at the same time tries to find a way home.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Available episodes: 20Approximate length: 29 minutes

Marvel: The Avengers Assemble

Marvel Avengers Assembly

Marvel The Avengers Assemble is from an animated series in which you will see Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Falcon. Falcon, is the most recent member and the one who will be in charge of telling you about the adventures he lives with the team.

When Red Skull dies from the Super Soldier serum, will team up with MODOK to kidnap Captain America. After his loss to the Avengers, Red Skull manages to gain support from Tony Stark leaving him as dead. A perfect animated alternative for lovers of superhero series.

Year: 2013Seasons: 5Available Episodes: 48Approximate Runtime: 24 MinutesHow To Try Disney + For Free: Every Way You Can

Green neighbors

The green family recently moved from a rural area to a bustling urban metropolis. In this Disney Plus animated series, most of the action is in the hands of Cricket, an overly mischievous boy with a knack for getting into trouble and causing trouble that drives his new neighbors crazy. His older sister, Tilly, is often carried away by his follies, but she has more composure than him. These children live with their father, Bill, and their elderly grandmother, Gramma Alice. And who is the mother? A motorcyclist named Nancy Green!

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Available episodes: 30Approximate length: 24 minutes

Great heroes: the series

This series picks up the events of the film and continues with the adventures of Hiro, a 14-year-old tech wizard and Baymax, his adorable next-gen robot. During their journey, Hiro and Baymax are accompanied by Wasabi, the control freak; the scientist Honey Lemon and the tough Go Go, to form a legendary team of heroes. Hiro will now face the overwhelming academic and social challenges of being the little man on the campus of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 3 Episodes available: 58 Approximate duration: 24 minutes

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