Telegram 8.0.1 Update Brings Chat Themes, Animated Emojis & More: Everything New


Instant messaging application telegram We released an update to version 8 earlier this month, offering unlimited live streams, the ability to remove media captions, an improved sticker panel, new animated pictograms, and more. Telegram is currently extending its update to version 8.0.1, adding new customization options for individual chats, detailed readability in groups, video and audio recordings from live streams, and other improvements. He was. The new update also features a new chat theme that allows users to customize the look and feel of individual chats. Let’s take a look at the new features.

The most significant change in the version 8.0.1 update would be the chat theme. This feature allows the user to choose from eight themes. Each theme has a colorful gradient message bubble, an animated background, and a unique background pattern. To define the theme, the user must go to Discussion header >> >> Change color.. Telegram said in its announcement that it will add more themes in the future. Besides the cat theme, the new update provides animated interactive emoji. Some animated emojis have an interactive full screen effect. If the chat is open on both sides, animation and vibration will play at the same time.

Along with these visual changes, this update also shows a more detailed read receipt in group chat. When a user sends a message in a group, the message is marked as “read” as soon as at least one member reads the message. Previously, it was only displayed as “read” after all members had read the message. Additionally, users can now tap and hold a message in a small group to see which group members have read the message. This is a feature that has been made so far. WhatsApp For quite a while.

Telegram’s new update also includes the ability for admins to record live streams and video chats. Admin can choose to record both video and audio, or just audio. When the administrator finishes recording, the recording file is saved in the recorded message.

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Telegram 8.0.1 Update Brings Chat Themes, Animated Emojis & More: Everything New

Telegram 8.0.1 Update Brings Chat Themes, Animated Emojis & More: Everything New


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