Static’s New Costume Is Finally Shown Off In The Season 1 Finale

In the upcoming Static: Season One finale, Virgil Hawkins dons a more traditional costume resembling the costume of his animated incarnation.

Warning! Spoiler for Static: Season 1 #6

In the next final of Static: Season 1, Virgil Hawkins dons a more traditional costume resembling the costume of his animated incarnation. After wearing a prototype costume given to him by Curtis Metcalf AKA Hardware, it seems to become his own.

All along Static: Season 1, Virgil embarked on a journey to become the superhero that fans know. He gained electromagnetic powers, fought Hotstreak, and flew over Dakota City onto a manhole cover. As he enlists the help of his friends, the new hero encounters some meta-humans readers might recognize from the animated series, Static shock. The baby bang group includes Puff, Shiv, Talon, D-Struct, and Onyx, as well as a snake-like meta-human.


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As revealed in a preview published by DC Comics, Static: Season 1 #6 will give Virgil Hawkins a new costume. In the next climate issue, Static is expected to wear a more recognizable version of his costume. Previously featured on each issue’s covers and credits page, the design includes Static’s iconic crest on his chest, along with polished aspects of his current costume. As announced throughout the first season, the next issue will pay for Virgil’s growth as he cements his place as Dakota’s newest superhero. Static #6 is written by Vita Ayala with art by Nikolas Draper-Ivey, with cover art by Khary Randolph and a variant by Draper-Ivey. The season one finale will be released in digital and print formats on Tuesday, February 22.

From Randolph’s cover, it looks like Static will also have a rematch with Hotstreak, who he first fought at school in the series’ first issue. Since then, they’ve faced off a few times, with the latest issue set to prove who’s the more powerful meta-human between the two of them. Previously, Virgil had mastered Hotstreak twice, not understanding the extent of his abilities. By now, Hotstreak likely has a better handle on his powers, learning from his work with Agent Jones and possibly working alongside other meta-humans like Shiv and Talon.

The final issue titled “Shock to the System” is essentially a tribute to the animated series that fans considered the seminal version of the character. Named after Static’s catchphrase from the series, the issue also serves as the first comic book appearance for many of Static’s animated Rogues. Following the release of the number, Static: Season 1 will be collected in hardcover on June 7.

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Source: DC Comics

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