Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten Reaches Over 40 Million Views

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face is not on TV at the moment but his voice is! The new animated series Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten premiered on April 23 on Kartoon Channel! The series has only aired 11 episodes but has already reached a milestone, celebrating over 40 million views to date. Starring and produced by Schwarzenegger, he plays kindergarten teacher “Arnold ArmstrongA.K.A ‘Captain Fantastic, ‘the greatest superhero to ever live.

The action-adventure comedy is aimed at kids and families alike, and follows the adventures of six unique children as they learn to master their super skills, as well as their ABCs. With the help of retired Captain Fantastic, they must learn to control their powers as they embark on super adventures and use their powers safely without revealing their identities.

Celebrating the success, Schwarzenegger said, “Over 40 million views in just a few months is an incredible achievement, and I am very honored to receive this reception. I want to thank the whole team for the fantastic job. I know Stan Lee himself would be so proud. We have 15 more episodes left in our first season, so this is just the start! Make sure to log in, only on Kartoon Channel, “It’s Kartoon Channel!” with a “K! ” Yahoo! Finance.

Considering he starred in the 1990 film Kindergarten policeman About a cop who must infiltrate as a kindergarten teacher to track down a killer, Schwarzenegger OG fans couldn’t help but laugh when they heard about the show. And it wasn’t a coincidence, the 73-year-old said one of his biggest wishes was to make a sequel to the film.

“Stan and I were talking about making some sort of superhero character for me and doing an animated show. He said to me: ‘What is your greatest wish?’ And I said, ‘to do a Kindergarten Cop sequel,’ “Schwarzenegger revealed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live. After Lee repeated the statement and thought for a moment, he exclaimed, “We should call it Superhero Kindergarten.”

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