SNW Actor Adrian Holmes Discusses Legacy Character Return


Strange new worlds actor Adrian Holmes is aware of his place in Star Trek history by bringing back a character from the franchise’s distant past, the first captain of the USS Enterprise, Robert April (originally introduced in The original series‘first fallout, Star Trek: The Animated Series). The animated incarnation was voiced by James Dohanwho also played chief engineer Montgomery Scott in TOS as well as TAS. Holmes plays the live-action version in the first episode of the Paramount + series “Strange New Worlds” and he spoke about his contribution to the “Star Trek” canon.

Adrian Holmes as Admiral April from the Paramount + STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS original series. Photo credit: Marni Grossman/Paramount+

Not only was April the first lore captain, but also the original when the creator Gene Roddenberry designed for the first time TOS for NBC before next featured review At Jeffrey Hunter’s Christopher Pike for the original “The Cage” pilot. The final version ended with by William Shatner James Kirk in the captain’s chair with Hunter unable to commit and a cast overhaul that retained only Leonard Nimoy like Spock. Holmes recalled when he was chosen for SNOW. “I received a call from my agent and they told me about it. I prepared a [taped audition], I sent it and went on with my life. And then they reached out and said they wanted to give me grades and made me do it again,” he said. And then they said, “You’re awesome. You got the part. I was just like, ‘Wow!’ I started researching the character because initially I didn’t know too much about Robert April when I was cast. Then I started going through the backstory, and I understood the seriousness of this man, the importance and significance of his involvement in Starfleet.”

A warm Star Trek welcome from a next generation star

After delving into April’s story, Holmes received a surprise from a The next generation star. “April was Gene Roddenberry’s original pitch in 1964 to CBS for the role of captain, but he was replaced by Captain Pike later when NBC accepted him,” he recalled. “It was cool to find out. And then in the 1974 animated series, it was really featured in ‘The Counter-Clock Incident.’ So it’s cool how it all came together. I’m learning a lot. I grew up a huge sci-fi fan. A friend of mine is friends with LeVar Burton, and LeVar was so nice. He sent me a video to welcome me to the franchise, and I I was so moved by his generosity. He basically said, “Welcome. We’re family and we’re just proud to have you.” He said when Gene started doing Star Trek, he knew that as human beings we could pull ourselves together. What if we were to become a civilization space, we had to solve the problems that are here now. That’s the heart of the Star Trek philosophy. It’s about all of us working together to build a better future. What I love is the diversity and inclusiveness of the franchise. It’s very progressive and forward-thinking, which helps build a better future. Representation matters.

For more on Holmes talking about his star recruiting scene Mount Anson (Pike), and what else he can reveal about April’s future, you can check out the interview here. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds airs Thursdays on Paramount+.

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