Slippin’ Jimmy connects to Breaking Bad

You better call Saul and breaking Bad fans willing to cheat, lie and steal for one more episode might not know about the cartoon spin-off Better Call Saul Presents: Slippin’ Jimmy currently airing on AMC+. The six-episode animated comedy about young Jimmy McGill debuted May 23, the same day the adult Better Call Saul aired its final episode of season six, part one. It may have been an attempt to hold fans back while they waited for part two, but should these cartoon episodes be treated as canon?

Popular shows have experimented with “small” versions of their main characters in the past – Little Bill, Little Ellen, Young Sheldon. Slip Jimmy is aimed at adults despite the fact that its format and immature sense of humor seem aimed at a young audience. It’s an odd choice for an anime series considering much of what made Saul enjoyable stemmed from adult themes. It’s roughly drawn and looks hastily put together compared to the beauty of its predecessors. Although Peter Gould appears as executive director, his skills are nowhere to be found. In fact, seeing his name in the credits might be the only legitimate link connecting this unique series to the original.

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The show is set in Chicago as young Jimmy is enrolled in Catholic school in the 1970s. Each episode finds Jimmy and his pal Marco outwitting their fellow students and teachers with the type of cunning viewers they are used to. to see from adult Jimmy, just without the stakes. Fans will remember adult Marco from You better call Saul first season. His sudden death in the season finale somehow weighs on this animated series in a dark way, though I imagine the showrunners were desperate for connective tissue. Unfortunately, apart from animating Marco, there are very few. In fact, it’s almost as if the cartoon had already been written long before it was decided to attach Jimmy McGill’s name to its title character.

Instead, the cartoon seems to be about any young child in any time period in any city. A character refers to the existence of cryptocurrency fifty years before its invention. The series abandons the realistic constraints of the real world in which Saul and breaking Bad to exist. Rather, it leans heavily on classic cinematic references, sacrificing reality in the process. In the second episode, “The Excor-sister” (yes, an exorcist parody), a nun is treated by a traveling demon through flatulence and vomiting. Jimmy solves this problem by opening a portal to hell in order to exercise the demon. It’s a shocking departure from the world where Saul Goodman uses the law and his manipulative skills to solve his problems.

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Fans eager to get a glimpse of Jimmy’s teenage relationship with his brother Chuck will have to settle for a Buster Keaton-style black-and-white episode that ends with a brotherly hug reminiscent of absolutely nothing that appears later in the movie. Saul. Again, Chuck’s ultimate fate also hangs over his brief appearance here. An opportunity to recall (or pass on) the AMC drama is ignored and instead these characters seem completely disconnected from their future. It’s unfair to say that a ten-minute cartoon should be able to carry the same weight as an episode of the best TV show, but if this series is just half-hearted fan service, add a little heck of it in the details.

Other movies referenced include a handful of dollars, The rapidityand The Shawshank Redemption. It will come as a surprise to many who have attended the entirety (really only sixty minutes) of Slip Jimmy that it was written by You better call Saul veteran writers Ariel Levine and Kathleen Williams-Foshee. Surprising because the tone and quality of the show is so different from what fans expect from this writer’s bedroom. Regarding the animation, it is forgettable and looks like all the other cartoons shown on Netflix. Young Jimmy doesn’t necessarily look like an adult Jimmy. And the show is more concerned with cinematic references than creating natural conflict and delivering jokes. Overall, the series is not significantly tied to the Breaking Bad universe. It’s kind of frustrating that this “little” extension of the world even exists when what fans really want is another adult. breaking Bad spin off.

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