Rashad Doucet’s art club gets graphic novel


Rashad Doucet has a new mid-level graphic novel Art club Aligned, in which Dale Donovan recruits talented artists from his school to start an after-school art club after the art programs were cut. And global rights were taken over by Andrea Colvin in Little, Brown to be released in the fall of 2023.

Rashad Doucet is a cartoonist from New Orleans via Eunice. He’s from Ville Platte, Louisiana, who has been drawing comics since his grandmother gave him pencil and paper to keep quiet during church. He is known for his work with Oni Press on comics like Invader Zim, Rick and Morty, and Shadows of alabaster. He also worked with DC Comics, Stela and was part of Eisner’s winning team. Elements: Anthology of Fire. He wrote the first volume of the Pax samson graphic novel series, released last summer. Rashad is also currently Professor of Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Rashad tweeted his excitement, saying “my new book @littlebrown titled Art Club has been announced !! Kudos to @arocolvin for seeing the potential it holds !!!”

Rashad Doucet’s art club gets graphic novel

Two years ago, Little, Brown was instructed to expand its list of graphic novels for years to come, and appointed Andrea Colvin, former IEC and vice president of Lion Forge as editorial director, Graphic Publishing. to do just that. Publish new graphic fiction and non-fiction novels for a wide range of ages, from early readers to young adults. Little, Brown has doubled or tripled its comic book publishing line in every planned year since then, with Suggs being one of the many beneficiaries of that publishing plan. This is another sign of significant growth in the comic book market in bookstores, libraries and book fairs, as well as the greater range of comic book content and styles published. It’s a long way before the United States achieves the kind of breadth and depth that Japan, Korea, or France enjoy, but it’s one of many major strides in that direction.

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