Prodigy is best suited as a CG animated series

The team behind Paramount + ‘s Star Trek: Prodigy explains why they felt early on that the project would work best as a CG animated series.

The creators of the Star Trek: Prodigy The series recently explained why they always thought the series would work best as a CG-animated project for Nickelodeon and Paramount +.

“… I think we, you know, at Nickelodeon and everyone here, we love all forms of animation, but I think for Prodigy, we really felt like CG was the most immersive approach, ”said Ramsey Naito, executive vice president of animation production at Nickelodeon, during a New York City Comic Con panel at which CBR spoke. assisted.

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Naito added that the decision to take Prodigy an animated series pretty much solidified when Paramount Pictures / Nickelodeon executive and chairman Brian Robbins heard the show’s final speech, noting, “So what, Ben [Hibon] came on board, and he really had a vision for the CG and a vision that had a soul, right? It really captivated and attracted you. “

Hibon, who serves as the creative lead for the series, agreed the format made sense because the whole team had “so much love for IP, for science fiction, for animation and characterization “.

“And I think we felt that, you know, CG – we wanted the show to have a big scale and that sense of adventure to be huge and fantastic, but at the same time, the characters and their stories are very intimate.” , Hibon continued. “And so, we just wanted the freedom to be able to shoot these characters as we would in the most cinematic way possible to be as engaging with all of us, as we continue this adventure with them.”

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It was previously reported that the new Star Trek: Prodigy The series will mark the return of Captain Kathryn Janeway, who was originally portrayed in the live-action Star Trek: Voyager Kate Mulgrew series. Mulgrew will also be voicing the character in Prodigy, which appears in the new series as a hologram. The first official images of Captain Janeway’s hologram from the USS Protostar also debuted during the Comic Con panel.

An official synopsis for the hour-long premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Lost and Found”, is below:

A group of lawless teenagers exiled to a mining colony outside Federation space discover an abandoned Starfleet ship. Dal must muster an unlikely crew for their new ship if they are to escape Tars Lamora, but the Soothsayer and his daughter Gwyn have other plans.

Created by Kevin and Dan Hageman for a younger audience, Star Trek: Prodigy debuts Oct. 28 on Paramount +.

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Source: New York Comic Con


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