Prodigy character posters feature Janeway’s return

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ premieres October 28 on Paramount +.


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Paramount has released a series of new character posters for Star Trek: Prodigy and they got us seriously excited about the return of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Following the critical success of their ongoing animated series Star Trek: Lower Bridges, the streamer cleverly lit an animated series that was aimed specifically at kids. Star Trek: Prodigy will premiere on Paramount + before its premiere on Nickelodeon.

Character posters showcase the adorable and indestructible Murf blob (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), and eight-year-old Brikar Rok-Tahk, shy but unusually bright (voiced by Rylee alazraqui), Sixteen-year-old Tellarite and resident devil’s advocate Jankom Pog (voiced by Jason mantazoukas), a non-corporeal, genderless Medusan named Zero (expressed by Angus Imrie), the hopeful Dal (expressed by Brett Gray) and Gwyn (expressed by Ella Purnell), the teenager Vau N’Akart who always dreamed of exploring the stars rather than being trapped on a dark mining planet.

Previous iterations of Star Trek mainly focused on humans or humanoid figures, making Star Trek: Prodigy the first time we’ve seen a cast of entirely alien characters at the heart of the story. How could we say no to this adorable cast?


Image via Paramount +

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So how does Captain Janeway fit into this daring cast of characters? This motley crew of young aliens discovers the USS Protostar and find themselves learning how to operate the ship through a hologram of Star Trek: Voyagerthe beloved Captain Janeway, voiced by the incomparable Kate mulgrew who first assumed the role in 1995.

In addition to the cast of young aliens, Jean Noble and Jimmi simpson were recently cast as the series’ main villains: The Diviner and Drednok, who present quite a challenge for the motley team aboard the USS Protostar.

Check out the new characters below and be sure to catch Star Trek: Prodigy when it premiered October 28 on Paramount +:








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