Pink Parrot takes off for the AFM with “Scarygirl”, “4 days before Christmas”

International Sales Agent based in Canada-Madrid pink parrot media (PPM) is expanding its distribution catalog for the American Film Market (AFM) with two new titles offered to buyers.

By signing with award-winning TV and film producer Sophie Byrne, PPM has acquired the international distribution rights to the highly anticipated CG animated feature. scary girl which is currently in production in Queensland and is scheduled to premiere in October 2023.

Additionally, PPM has signed with PVP Media of Canada and Capitán Araña and 3Doubles Producciones in Spain to represent the worldwide distribution rights for the animated feature, 4 days before Christmaswhose Spanish premiere is scheduled for December 2023.

“I am very happy that we can finally all come together in Los Angeles to bring this long-awaited AFM back to full capacity,” said Tania Pinto Da Cunha, Vice President./Partner at Pink parrot media. “We are extremely happy to have two great projects, scary girl and 4 Days before Christmas, joining our PPM family. Both titles have a unique character and that’s what we love and appreciate in our team. Working with these exceptional and highly creative producers is a rewarding journey for us and exemplifies our mission.

Dario Sanchez, producer of 4 days before Christmascommented, “Really thrilled to be working with Pink Parrot Media on a superhero movie including Santa and his elves…to save Christmas with the help of Billie.”

scary girl

Based on the graphic novel by Nathan Jurevicius, scary girl follows Arkie (voiced by Jillian Nguyen, Clickbait), a tech-savvy girl with a tentacle-like arm, raised in secret by her kind but cautious father, Blister (Rob Collins, Intelligent man), a rare giant octopus with the ability to regenerate life.

When his father is kidnapped for his valuable abilities and their idyllic world is threatened by a sudden loss of sunlight, Arkie embarks on a journey to the City of Light: a dazzling modern city controlled by the mysterious Dr. Maybee (Sam Neil, jurassic park). As she tries to find Blister, Arkie discovers that all is not what it seems and that this amazing new world is one of great danger and full of answers to questions she didn’t know she had. The voice cast also includes Anna Torv (Fringe).

scary girl is a co-production between Australian studios Highly Spirited (Tales from the Outer Suburbs) and Like a Photon Creative (fighting wombat), with financial support from Screen Queensland. Jurevicius is on board as production designer and will also share executive producer duties with John Stevenson (kung fu panda).

The brand was originally launched as a vinyl toy line from Hong Kong-based Flying Cat. It was later expanded into graphic novels (from US publisher Last Gasp), an online flash game, Xbox/PlayStation and Steam versions, and even a VR experience from Melbourne-based tech company Zero Latency. Madman Entertainment is the distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

4 days before Christmas
4 days before Christmas

4 days before Christmas (88 mins.) is currently in production and tells the story of when Santa hits his head and thinks he’s Superklaus, a popular big-screen superhero. He gets scammed by a toy-obsessed businessman who wants to take over his workshop. With the help of tech-savvy 11-year-old Billie and his “Elf-Executive” assistant Leo, “SuperKlaus” will go up against a toy-obsessed megalomaniac businessman to save Christmas.

With the voices of Harland Williams (Puppy Buddies, Weird Balls) Colm Feore (The Umbrella Academy, Thor) and Millie Davis (Odd Squad, Orphan Black, Marvel, Good Boys), the animated feature is directed by Steven Majaury, with co-director Miguel Miranda.

The Quebec company PVP Media, founded by François Trudel, has been producing documentaries, animated series, video games and digital products for over 30 years.

Capitán Araña was founded by Nacho La Casa, as an independent audiovisual production company with the aim of creating and producing innovative and quality content. Its output includes 3D animation feature ozyreleased in over 60 countries.

3Doubles Producciones, founded by Dario Sanchez, provides services to production companies in Canada, Belgium, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, France, Australia and Spain, including animated feature films (Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow, Mia and me: the hero of Centopia, my troublemaking fairy, The Ogglies and Daily Fables) and series (ARPO The Robot, Ziggy and the Zoo Tram and mom monsters).

Pink Parrot Media will exhibit at AFM at the Loews Hotel (Room 833) and host the world premiere screening of the award-winning musical adventure valentina (Wednesday, November 2 at 11 a.m. at AMC Santa Monica).

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