Nightwing gets his own Bat-Mite

DC Comics gives Nightwing his very own Fifth Dimension superfan, Nite-Mite.

Revealed on Twitter by night wing series writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, night wing #98 marks the first appearance of Nite-Mite, a character designed by artist Daniele Di Nicuolo and inspired by Bat-Mite. The future issue will be written by Taylor with interior art by Nicuolo and main cover by Redondo. If Nite-Mite looks like Bat-Mite, the mayhem might be heading towards Dick Grayson in trouble.

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Who is Bat-Mite, Batman’s superfan?

Created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff in 1959 Detective comics #267, Bat-Mite is a fifth-dimensional imp who behaves like a super fan of the Dark Knight. The Fifth Dimension is an alternate reality that is not only home to Bat-Mite, but also Mr. Mxyzptlk, both of whom possess great power. Bat-Mite is able to alter reality itself, using his abilities to challenge his hero with new scenarios both in and outside of the comics, given that he also appears in TV shows and video games like Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Game.

As for Nite-Mite, his debut moves away from the street-level threats that Dick has faced in his solo title since Taylor and Redondo took over the series in 2021. The title’s main antagonist since night wing #78 served as crime boss Roland Desmond aka Blockbuster, forcing Dick to tackle police corruption, street crime, and other threats orchestrated by the villain. However, not every character that has appeared on the show has been street level, as the Titans, Superman Jon Kent, and Flash Wally West have shown up to help Dick in the past.

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Nite-Mite is the latest new character introduced in the Eisner-nominated “Nightwing” series

Taylor and Redondo have also introduced other new characters since taking office. night wing. At the start of the series, they introduced both Melinda Zucco and the villainous Heartless. Melinda has become a new addition to Dick’s family tree as the secret sister he never knew, while Heartless is an unknown character who rips out the hearts of others to add to a huge collection that he owns. The latest issue of night wing release at the time of writing is night wing #95, and Heartless’ true identity has yet to be revealed.

The creative team has also earned a lot of recognition for night wing since the duo began their run. Although the series lost in all categories, night wing was nominated for five Eisner Awards in 2022, including Best Single Issue/One-Shot (night wing #87), Best Continuing Series, Best Penciller/Inker (Redondo), Best Cover Artist (also Redondo), and Best Lettering (Wes Abbott letter scoring nomination for his work on the series).

night wing #98 is written by Taylor with interior art by Di Nicuolo and main cover by Redondo. Variant cover versions of the issue are provided by Dan Hipp, Brian Stelfreeze and Jamal Campbell. The issue is slated for release on November 15 from DC Comics.

Source: Twitter

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