Marvel’s new animated show is all about a killer monkey

Hulu has dropped the trailer for its all-new Marvel animated series titled Hit-Monkey, which will draw the line between good and evil.

Hit-Monkey Marvel Hulu

wonder seems to have hundreds of different superheroes that make up the MCU. Still, fans probably haven’t seen this Hit-Monkey would then take center stage, not to mention his own series. Marvel recently released a trailer for the new animated series, which will be available to stream only through Hulu. The Hit-Monkey comes from digital comics created by writer Daniel Way and artist Dalibor Talajic.

This is where the story of the wild simian took its roots. Now, at the helm of the Hulu show, creators, showrunners and executive producers Josh Gordon and Will Speck, both known for their talent and comedic nature. The two are best known for their film Christmas party in the office, which features two stars who will also be part of Hit-Monkey: actor Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn. The just-dropped trailer quickly jumps from frame to frame, making it a bit confusing for fans to decipher what exactly the series will explore.

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Marvel released a synopsis which reads: “Monkey’s peaceful existence in the Japanese Alps is shattered by the tragic loss of his tribe, setting him on a path of revenge and violence in the very world of humans who are responsible for its fate. He’s a killer killer with a little bit of a rage problem. Throughout the series, he must learn to navigate the struggle between his inherently gentle nature and the evil deeds he has to commit. It’s through his complicated relationship with the Ghost of Bryce (a former assassin and now, Monkey’s unwanted conscience), that will determine whether Monkey will be consumed with rage or channel it for good. The fact that Hit-Monkey is a Japanese snow monkey who must team up with an American assassin turned ghost makes the two an unlikely couple, separating the Marvel animated series from most shows and bringing out the intersectionality of cultural differences and of species.

Marvel incorporating the Hit-Monkey layout and trying to draw the line between good and evil is an interesting dynamic. Often times, Marvel has denounced their characters as either strict superheroes or villains, leaving very little gray area in between. Now that the Marvel Movies have decided to explore the acts / experiences that make up a villain, it’s refreshing to see a series that will recognize that all humans (or apes) have a light side and a dark side to them. After all, no person or creature is inherently considered entirely evil or entirely benevolent.

The Hit-Monkey The series is groundbreaking, spawning one of the first Marvel characters to be classified as both heroic and corrupted. In this direction, Hit-Monkey shares a similar tone to MODOK from Hulu, another animated series that explores the many aspects of a classic Marvel antagonist.

Hit-Monkey will be available for streaming via Hulu November 17, 2021.

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