Make a career in computer animation, attend a free webinar to learn more

Manorama Horizon, the education portal of Malayala Manorama, in association with Toonz Academy, will host a free webinar for young animators who want to pursue a career in computer animation. The webinar was designed to give a clear idea about the different 3D animation and visual effects platforms. The webinar would also discuss how to use your creative talents to shape your career.

Imagination, observation skills and a quirky sense of humor are some of the qualities required to shine in this field. For people with such a personality, a career in computer animation is suitable because it brings happiness and satisfaction while bringing a high salary.

Manju Warrier’s star ‘Jo and the Boy’, released in 2015, showed Malayali film audiences how a young woman achieved success using her creative talents and the reach of animation technology. The main character Jo, played by Manju Warrier, dreamed of becoming an animator since childhood. When she grew up, she created an animated character by observing the characteristic features of a young boy in her neighborhood. Even though Jo fails several times at first, she manages to create the character. The film is about how Jo and the boy enjoy fame and success when his animation becomes a huge hit.

If you’re confident in your creative abilities, like Jo, you too can have a successful career in computer animation.

Students are enrolling in computer-related courses in large numbers as the technology has developed amazingly. The field of computer animation has taken a leap forward since the revolution in digital technology.

Manorama Horizon offers an incredible opportunity for those who wish to make a name for themselves in the field of computer animation.

The webinar would be hosted by Vinod AS, Vice President (Academics) of Toonz Academy and Jury Member of IndiaSkills 2022. Aspirants could register to attend the free webinar which would be held at 7pm on August 25th. Click on the link httpa:// for free registration. You can also register via a link that will be sent to you by SMS when you call 8086078808.

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