Lynne Naylor and Sunil Hall talk about “The Mighty Ones” Season 2

From falling in love with crows to harvesting honey from a beehive inside the head of a garden gnome, Very Berry, Rocksy, Leaf and Twig live up to their misdeeds as they return for a another season of shenanigans in the garden. DreamWorks Animation The powerfuls. Season 2 of the hit comedy airs today on Hulu and Peacock.

Set in a world where talking plants and fruits worship extremely unhealthy humans like their gods, The powerfuls is a 2D animated TV adventure that brings to life all the treacherous, wild, sticky, muddy, and extremely fun adventures that take place in the often invisible and unrecognized parts of our backyards.

Created and produced by Jack Samuraiby Lynne Naylor and Gravity falls‘Sunil Hall, the series, which launched on Hulu and Peacock last November, stars the voices of Jessica McKenna (Rocksy), Alex Cazares (Very Berry), Jimmy Tatro (Leaf) and Josh Brener (Twig). Season 2 hosts special guest stars Manila Luzon (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Fortune Feimster (Kenan, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar) and Stephen Root (Office space, Amphibians).

From the start, Naylor, Hall and their creative team spent considerable time at ground level, immersing themselves in the grassy world of their own backyard and the DreamWorks campus, stretching their creativity to invent wacky adventures for Berry. and his rag. tag the team with unsuitable shrubs, landscapes and occasional insects.

According to the creators, ideas have never stopped flowing, thanks to real landscapes of endless possibilities. In a recent conversation, they shared what they have planned for the show’s backyard heroes, as well as some of their favorite fun moments, in the new season.

Victoria davis: It’s great to talk to you both again! Are you both delighted that the series has been renewed for a second season? What was the overall response from viewers to the first season?

Lynne Naylor & Sunil Hall: We were very happy to continue to create new episodes for The powerfuls and share them with the world! The response was good for the first season. We were very happy with our creative directors, the artists on the board and the direction the show was taking, so continuing means we could really grow into a great place. We can’t wait to reach more viewers and grow our audience with Season 2.

VD: Once you got the green light for another season, what ideas immediately started to spring up? What are you hoping to do in season 2 that you weren’t able to do last season?

SH: The first 10 episodes established the world and the characters, laying the groundwork for the second 10. For me, the second half is where the show really finds its voice. It gets weirder and we dive a little deeper into the personality of each character.

LN: We had worked on the look of the show so that we could really make the stories blend together. Everyone had a great understanding of the potential of the characters so we could really push it further.

VD: When we first spoke before the show launched, you mentioned how many ideas you both had for episodes just spending time in your own backyard. And I can imagine that this fueled an endless number of ideas. Where did you get the inspiration for the new season? Looking at the episodes of the first season, have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, that gives me a good idea for season 2”?

SH: We were constantly coming up with character and story ideas while working on the first season. Our editor, Dani Michaeli, would put them away to bring them back later. We also promoted two of our artists from the first season board – Erica Jones and Nathan Bulmer – to the directors and they both bring a really strong creative voice to these episodes.

LN: The show took on a life of its own with a level of humor that Sunil and I loved. We also had an awesome story and staging with Dani and our supervising director Greg Miller.

VD: Tell me about the animation and visuals for the new season. Obviously some character designs are the same, but are there any new animations in store with Season 2? I really enjoyed the gorgeous visuals that went into Berry’s explanation of bees and how honey is made.

SH: Our design team, led by amazing Artistic Director Jenny Gase-Baker, never fails to impress me. We gave them tough environments this season and they really delivered. The episode “The Beehive” is really great. The powerfuls also explore a spooky fur forest on the back of a huge dog, get lost in the sea and even caving inside a snake. Our partner studio Snipple Animation produced some very nice animations on this batch of episodes. Despite all the challenges that come with a global pandemic, they have continued to impress us throughout the season.

VD: I loved the incredibly creative concept of a beehive built on the head of a gnome. Are these things that you have seen in real life?

SH: Bees make beehives in strange places. We’re always trying to find the weirdness and humor that nature provides and build on that. I think the board team suggested putting the beehive on a gnome, which is so much more interesting than just having a beehive hanging from a tree branch.

LN: We’re always looking for humor that fits the concept of the show and what’s more, story-wise, in any way we can. This includes any visuals that reflect the story or what our characters may come across.

VD: Speaking of the “Birds and Bees” scene, the humor is so awesome this new season! I love the quick cuts and visuals that range from beautiful to incredibly intense and a little bit gruesome. It’s a bit of comedy that can really only be done in animation – did you really try to amplify that in season 2? Are there any sequences that you are particularly proud of or that made you laugh more than others?

LN: We certainly amplified that. I am personally very happy with the outcome of the episodes and I have so many footage that I love. In “Unintended Bunnyness”, I loved the little eggs that followed Twig as well as when the mom shows up and Twig is confronted with a crazy bird and an angry rat. I also loved Berry’s romance with a crow, as well as Berry’s dealing with freezing in “Ice Ice Berry,” to name a few.

SH: I love to surprise visual humor like that. Our board-driven process gives our artists and storyboard makers the power to go to really weird places. There’s a gag in “Sneezyitis” where a beach ball deflates around Rocksy that kills me every time.

VD: Have there been any new challenges with this season’s production?

LN & SH: We were halfway through post-production when containment took place. It was a big adjustment, but our teams here and in the Philippines worked really hard to make the transition to working from home without interrupting the pace. The recordings had to be done remotely with our actors.

VD: With so much more happening in Season 2, what are you most excited to see for fans and new viewers?

LN: I’m proud that we’ve had so many cool situation stories and love them all for different reasons. I’m leaning towards the episodes where our main characters really shine, so I would say “Ice Ice Berry”, “Berry’s Pet Threat” and “Two Twigs”.

SH: It’s hard to choose, there are so many things I love about this season. “Berry’s Pet Threat” and “The Transformation” are some of my favorites. I can’t wait to see which episodes resonate with our viewers.

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