Launch of KurumaCards with the collaboration of Kaido House

In KurumaNFT’s short time in existence, the automotive-themed NFT company has made a huge mark in the ever-evolving NFT space, selling multiple offerings, while redefining the industry with artwork revolutionary and innovative packages. Each KurumaNFT project features renowned artists and brands from the automotive and NFT spaces.

The company will begin the second chapter of its launch strategy with the introduction of KurumaCards, the first of which will feature the 510 wagon from popular die-cast car and lifestyle brand, Kaido House.

So what are KurumaCards? Think of them as traditional baseball trading cards, but with a digital and automotive twist. Each KurumaCard offers a unique collecting experience, allowing fans to take part in the game of car collecting while being part of a community. And, with the Kaido House 510 wagon, the first batch of KurumaCards is sure to be a highly sought after collectible.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Kaido House,” said Taro Koki, President and CEO of KurumaNFT. “They are one of the hottest brands in automotive and die casting. The very limited editions of its models, the innovative nature of their creativity and the unique design of each piece make them true works of art on a 1/64 scale.

Founded by current creative head Jun Imai, Kaido House has been specializing in the production of trend-centric die-cast models for several years. Imai’s vision of “creating a car culture for all scales” certainly came to fruition, as virtually every offering from Kaido sold out as soon as it was offered.

Part of the reason for the hysteria surrounding Kaido House is that its products are continually innovating in the die-cast modeling space. For example, under the Kaido House x Mini GT brand, the Pro Street Datsun 510 released last year took the die-casting world by storm with many firsts, including alloy wheels on a 1:64 scale model. mass produced. Additionally, it featured the same GReddy KA24DET that was built for Imai’s personal wagon, along with the distinctive livery that appeared on the vehicle 10 years ago.

“You don’t often see a 1:64 Pro Street 510 diecast, slammed on four Japanese spokes and an I-4 turbo. That’s the Kaido House way,” Imai said.

One of Kaido House’s most popular products was the 510 green wagon introduced in 2012. To celebrate the project’s 10th anniversary, Kaido House will be offering an ultra-rare Black Limited delivery at the Japanese Classic Car Show on Saturday. , Sept. 10 in Long Beach, Calif.

“This infamous wagon has been an icon of the explosive Datsun scene. From its humble beginnings as a painted budget project in my garage to its current form with its GReddy-built 400hp KA24DE-T engine, this project represents our adage of ‘automotive culture at all scales’ and is the rock of the home Kaido community, vision and growing product line,” said Imai.

To help celebrate this milestone occasion, KurumaNFT will introduce its first KurumaCards featuring 510 as the main subject. This will not only be the first ever KurumaCard, but it will also represent Kaido House’s first venture into the NFT space. Only 100 of these special KurumaCards x Kaido House editions will be offered for free download to fans who show up at the Kaido House booth at the Japanese Classic Car Show. Ten of these cards will be
rare “foil” editions that will come with a KurumaNFT swag pack.

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