Keanu Reeves in talks to play Scorsese’s Devil in the White Town

Recent developments in Hulu’s upcoming series The Devil in the White City have revealed that Keanu Reeves is now in talks to star.

Recent developments in Hulu’s upcoming series The devil in the white city revealed that Keanu Reeves is now in talks to star. The series will be based on the novel The devil in the white city by Erik Larson released in 2003. The plot follows the true story of two men, Daniel H. Burnham (an architect) and Henry H. Holmes (a serial killer) whose lives become forever linked at the World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago.

An adaptation of the novel has been in development for many years after actor Leonardo DiCaprio bought the rights to the novel in 2010. DiCaprio had initially considered adapting the novel into a feature film with his longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese. Not much was heard about the development of the project for a while, until Hulu announced that they had plans to develop the novel into a series in 2019, with DiCaprio and Scorsese now in executive production roles.


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Through Deadline, it was revealed that The matrix Actor Keanu Reeves is now in talks to star in the show. The series will mark Reeves’ first major role in a television series and also shows a big step forward in the development of the novel’s adaptation. It’s currently unclear which of the two lead roles Reeves is in negotiations to play.

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Reeves’ negotiations for the series are likely seen as a huge win for Hulu, as the series has been stuck in development for so long. Reeves himself just released the release of Matrix resurrections, as well as having recently completed the filming of the fourth installment of his very successful John wick series. Reeves is in high demand right now, and it’s likely that Hulu will do its best to hook Reeves before another offer comes along.

While the cast isn’t final, it would definitely be interesting to see Reeves in the world of The devil in the white city. While Reeves has played more dramatic roles in the past, he is best known these days as an action star. That being said, it’s likely that Reeves’ low-key acting style will lend itself well to the gruesome world of the novel. As the series currently does not have a release date, the only thing for fans of The devil in the white city and Reeves patiently waits to see if Reeves will make an appearance as a brilliant architect or a notorious serial killer.

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Source: Deadline

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