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ohOften times, you may stumble upon an idea or thought, plot, story, or even a character that could spark creativity in you. This is exactly what happened in the case of Adithi Krishnadas, a 24-year-old animator from Kochi, who turned a normal voice recording into a hilarious and unique 12-minute animated film “Kandittund” (” Seen It ”in Malayalam) produced by Studio Eeksaurus in Bombay.

PNK panic

“Kandittund” tells the story of an elderly person who revisits the story of supernatural entities he had encountered in his life. In a hilarious yet humorous storytelling, the protagonist revisits mythological urban legends – ranging from a creature collecting ripe mangoes, a trio of hitmen (Kuttichathan) vandalizing the property in exchange for fresh fish to a disturbed spirit screaming in your ear until your blood curdles.

Suresh Eriyat, the boss of Adithi and founder of Eeksaurus Studio was the first to share her father’s story with her. He also showed him an audio recording of his father PNK Panicker convincingly speaking about the supernatural beings he had encountered in his life.

This hilarious audio paved the way for him to create a world of supernatural entities from scratch. The folklore behind each of these characters, in a dark and eerie setting, paired with the excellent sound design of Oscar winner Resul Pokutty, leaves viewers in awe from start to finish.

The animated film was produced by Nilima Eriyat and had Vijaykumar with Oscar winner Resul Pokutty on his sound design. The animated short also won the Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation at the Fantasia International Film Festival (FIFF) Awards 2021.

Adithi krishnadas
Adithi krishnadas

“I was thrilled to be working on the project after hearing Suresh Eriyat’s story. Based on the recording, I created the world that somehow matches Mr. PNK Panicker’s narration, ”said Adithi Krishnadas, director of animation at mathrubhumi.com .

One of the most exciting aspects to perform was the Indian manners and acting using simple character design and 2D animation. In the end, it took heart, simplicity and pleasure. I can only hope this is what we get out of the film, she added.

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