Jonathan Gresham takes on Minoru Suzuki at GCW

Those hoping to find the next pro wrestling star should tune in to GCW Highest in the room Friday night show on FITE. The match that is the rendezvous display on the loaded map features new Japan icon Minoru Suzuki against a must-have artist in Jonathan Gresham.

Gresham is playing for Ring of Honor, and his current wave of independent dates and bookings with New Japan for his tour of the United States will help show his talent to the masses. Friday night’s game against Suzuki is a great opportunity to show off his technical mastery, especially against an opponent with such aura and presence.

“I love challenges and I’m so excited for this game against Suzuki,” said Gresham. “I had a great response from the fans who are enthusiastic about this game. People can’t wait to watch it, and I can’t wait to step into the ring.

A 15-year professional wrestling veteran, now is Gresham. He prepared for his breakout moment during his many travels, wrestling across the globe in 15 countries including Germany, England, China and Japan. Standing 5’4 “, Gresham has been told repeatedly that he must be a high thief if he is to have any semblance of a future in the business. Yet he has been resolute in his desire to set the world on fire. of wrestling with his technical style., a concept once mocked by promoters and even by his peers. His persistence pays off, as his reluctance to compromise what he rightly believes to be a sublime art form now inspires a new realm of professional wrestling.

“Not many people know this, but my dream was to be the pioneer of a wrestling style,” said Gresham. “And do it like Último Dragón or Suzuki. Minoru Suzuki represents a certain style, and you know what you’ll get as soon as you see it with his shoot-style Pancrase wrestling. My goal is to do it with pure wrestling.

Gresham retired from the ROH Pure Championship on Sunday at Death before dishonor pay-per-view, ending an impressive 385-day reign that restored meaning and purpose to the belt. But with the loss comes a great opportunity, as Gresham can now aim for the ROH world title, which is currently held by Bandido.

As he ascends to the main event, Gresham intends to continue breaking boundaries, creating a new approach with his dedicated and relentless pursuit of professional wrestling excellence and continuing to do what ‘he likes in the square circle. Gresham’s potential is limitless and he is eager to take another step forward in his journey, starting with Suzuki.

“It’s a chance to see a Minoru Suzuki legend against me, someone who is so dedicated and dedicated to the profession,” said Gresham. “I’m here to prove to the world that I am who I think I am, and he’s the best professional wrestler in the world. This match will help me establish that.

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