Jon Favreau wants George Lucas to be in The Mandalorian season 3

star wars is one of many popular franchises today. Introduced in 1977 by George Lucas, it is hugely successful and like any other franchise, fans are always eager to know what will happen in the future. The Mandalorian Season 3, which continues this legacy, is set to release in February 2023 as star wars franchise. And Jin Favreau may have given us an exciting new update.

Star Wars franchise

Most of the plot details for The Mandalorian Season 3 are yet to be released. However, a trailer for the third season, shown at Star Wars Celebration, revealed some details about the upcoming show.

The creator of this franchise, George Lucas, started working on it in the early 1970s and eventually released the film under his own production company, Lucasfilm. He had a lot of success with his new concept which caught the attention of many sci-fi lovers.

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Star Wars Trilogy

It broke the record for highest-grossing film of all time. Given the massive success, George Lucas decided to make further sequels to the film The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Two sequels also became successful, and Lucas decided to bring a prequel trilogy to the franchise. However, things did not go well for him. The film did not receive a good reaction from fans or critics.

Starkiller and Darth Vader
Duel between Starkiller and Darth Vader

After that, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm, the production company of star warsto Disney for just over $4 billion in 2012. Later, the franchise continued to release new movies and series under Disney.

Why did George Lucas sell Lucasfilm?

About his decision to sell the production company, Lucas said it took him 10 years to complete the prequel trilogy. At a time when he was about to have a daughter, he wanted to spend more time with his family instead of working on upcoming projects.

He also said that hiring someone to run the production wouldn’t have worked, as he would eventually have to join the production. So he decided to sell the film rights.

Star Wars under Disney

The Mandalorian Season 3: Coming Soon.
The Mandalorian Season 3: Coming Soon

After George Lucas, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni took over production and released The Mandalorian in 2019. The new series was based on a lone bounty hunter after the fall of the Empire and the emergence of the First Order.

Another season of the series was released a year later in 2020. The series was a success, and its third season will be released on Disney+ in February 2023.

why Star Wars: Visions was one of the best things to happen to the Star Wars universe
An image from the animated series

Dave Filoni worked directly with Lucas on the Star Wars animated series before it was acquired by Disney. Jow Favreau and Dave Filoni are both working on The Mandalorian’s third season, and they shared some ideas about it during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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Possible George Lucas cameo in The Mandalorian

Star Wars is a franchise that has had several cameos in the past. Many big names have appeared in the franchise, but one cameo that even the creators are super excited for is that of George Lucas.

During the interview, they talked about what it would be like to have a George Lucas cameo in the next season of The Mandalorian. Considering the large number of cameos they brought to the show, they said Lucas’ cameo would be the best of them all.

The Mandalorian
Disney+ The Mandalorian

Dave Filoni also said that if they ever plan the cameo, he should play Baron Papanoida’s son. Baron Papanoida was the president of one of the moons of the planet Orto Plutonia, Pantora.

George Lucas as Baron Papanoida

If George Lucas accepts the cameo, it wouldn’t be his first time. Earlier in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, he briefly appeared as Baron Papanoida. It was Lucas’ first and last cameo so far.

Making an appearance in a movie isn’t the only thing Lucas has done for the franchise. Since Disney acquired it, it has been actively involved in the production. Favreau said during the interview that he was very lucky to have Lucas on the set of The Mandalorian and said he had learned a lot from him.

The appearance of George Lucas in Star Wars

Dave Filoni also worked for a long time with Lucas since they both worked together on the Star Wars animated series, The Clone Wars. Favreau also mentioned how he learned from both of them.

Filoni, who has worked with Lucas for nearly twelve years, said he was just trying to pass on what he learned to new projects.

George Lucas’ Effect on Star Wars Legacy

The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian

It’s been a decade since George Lucas sold star wars at Disney. Even though he was the one who created the entire franchise, he has no right to say anything in the franchise’s upcoming projects.

However, for many projects after the Disney acquisition, Lucas was spotted on film or TV sets. He is always there to consult Favreau and Filoni on anything they need. He can always waive suggestions, whether they want to incorporate them or not.

The Mandalorian Season 3

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian

Like Favreau and Filoni, fans of the franchise are also excited to see George Lucas on screen. However, it is not confirmed if he will appear in the third season or not, it might have possibilities. If possible, his appearance can be in the last episodes of the series.

The Mandalorian debuted in 2019 and is launching spinoffs and follow-ups ranging from Boba Fett’s Book to Ahsoka. Season 3 is in production and will be released in February 2023 on Disney+.

The third season will follow the events of Boba’s Book fett. The Mandalorian and Grogu will travel to Mandalore so that Din Djarin can redeem himself for his transgressions of having his helmet removed.

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