Japanese Variety Show Shows Nintendo Switch’s Dominance Of Market Share At A Glance – Interest

The “Ichigeki Kaimei Strain: Wakaru Hitome !!” (Instant Unraveling Variety: Understanding at a Glance) a variety show debuted on TVN Tuesday. The concept behind the program is simple: educate the audience on a variety of topics using easy-to-understand photos and graphics. The first episode had a segment in the market share of video game consoles in Japan over the past decade, which shows at a glance the absolute dominance that the Nintendo Switch has come to occupy in recent years.

An excerpt from the segment circulated on social networks:

The home and portable hybrid console debuted on March 3, 2017. Since June 30, Nintendo shipped a total of 89.04 million Switch units worldwide, exceeding the Nintendo Lifetime 3DS and Game Boy Advance numbers. The Switch is the fourth best-selling console from the company behind the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Game Boy.

Source: Ichigeki Kaimei Variety: Hitome from Wakaru !! October 19 episode

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