Japanese fans win hearts as they clean the stadium respectfully after the World Cup opener between Qatar and Ecuador, despite their team not even playing

Japanese fans once again showed their country’s class at the World Cup by cleaning up after the opening game.

Despite the fact that their team didn’t even make it to Sunday’s match, a group of Japanese fans in Qatar against Ecuador took it upon themselves to tour the stadium and pick up more full-timers.

Instagram – omr94/QatarLiving

Japanese fans’ actions shocked locals

People in Qatar were stunned by the gesture and a fan filmed a clip that has since gone viral on social media.

“Somebody convince me it’s normal,” Omar Farooq said as he watched the fans work as everyone else left.

“The Japanese fans have decided to clean up the stadium.

“It’s not even their match!”

“When I asked them, ‘Why are you cleaning up something that doesn’t concern you?’ The answer was: “The Japanese never leave trash behind. We respect the place.’”

The camera then pans to show more Japanese fans strewn across the floor all doing the same thing.

It was an impressive effort

Instagram – omr94/QatarLiving

It was an impressive effort

There was respect everywhere

Instagram – omr94/QatarLiving

There was respect everywhere

Farooq added, “It’s something I’ve heard of but never thought it was this real. Wow.

“All due respect.”

The Japanese first gained global fame four years ago at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Back then, similar scenes were seen even after a heartbreaking defeat for Japan.

Japan's dressing room after losing to Belgium in 2018

Japan’s dressing room after losing to Belgium in 2018

When Belgium fought back 2-0 to win 3-2, the nation was devastated to have come so close to reaching the quarter-finals.

Despite this, the Japanese players themselves made the effort to leave the dressing rooms immaculate.

There was even a note left saying ‘thank you’ in Russian.

This also extended to the fans in the stands, as a number were seen picking up their rubbish after their 2018 World Cup games, including the loss to Belgium.

Now, four years later, they continue that elegant legacy.

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