James Gunn Confirms Harley Quinn Will Return to DCEU

It looks like Harley Quinn isn’t quite done appearing in the DCEU.

James Gunn marked the 30th anniversary of Harley Quinn’s debut with a tweet. “Harley Quinn debuted 30 years ago today – September 11, 1992 – the Batman: The Animated Series. Thanks to [Paul Dini] & Bruce Timm for creating this wonderful character that I find absolute joy in writing, directing and creating stories for.

A fan by username @LawrencesGunn asked, “Will Harley Quinn be back in the DCEU?”, to which Funn simply replied, “Yes.”

The DCEU is a big place with both movies and TV series to its name. It’s unclear exactly where Harley might show up. It wouldn’t even necessarily be in one of Gunn’s productions.

Gunn has completed filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 for Marvel Studios which is slated for release on May 5, 2023. Once this film is released, it will transition to Peacemaker season 2, and has already confirmed that he has other DC-related projects in the works. Is there any chance that Harley could appear in one of these productions? We wouldn’t be too surprised.

The biggest hurdle would more than likely be Margot Robbie’s busy schedule. She is currently completing her work on Barbie movie, and from there she re-teamed with Ryan Gosling on a Ocean’s Eleven reboot set in the 1960s. With her as a producer on several other projects, her schedule is about as busy as it gets.

For now, we’ll just take comfort in the fact that Gunn seems certain she’ll be back, but we’ll just have to wait and see where that goes.

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