J-Novel Club Licenses 6 Manga and 3 Light Novel Series – News

J Novel Club announced during his livestream on Friday that he has licensed the following manga and light novel series. All manga will have their first chapters available after the stream ends. The first two parts of the first volume of all light novels will also be available.

Title: Gushing over the magical girls manga
Creator: Akihiro Ononaka
Synopsis: Hi, I’m Hiiragi Utena. I’m a normal middle school girl who loves magical girls – or at least I was, but a talking mascot popped up out of the blue and cast a spell on me! Now is my chance to join my beloved magical daughters as…villain? Wait, something is wrong with my outfit! This cannot happen!

Watch this shy magician fan transform into a sadistic dominatrix! When good and evil collide, who will be the one to submit?!

Title: Sometimes even reality is a lie! manga
Creator: Niichi
Synopsis: Kaoru Terasaki is a gamer who loves MMORPGs, and he finally meets someone he’s been friends with for a long time in-game, this time offline and in person. He fears that his friend will be disappointed to see that Kaoru is a man, unlike his female character in the game. But he is the one who is surprised when, instead of another guy, his friend turns out to be a pretty girl, Nanami Osaka.

Besides that, Nanami told her parents that she would bring a friend, a friend. Worse still, Nanami’s dad is the super overprotective type who won’t allow any guy near his daughter. There is only one solution to this dilemma: Kaoru must dress up as a girl! Will Kaoru’s efforts pay off?! Will Kaoru and Nanami just stay friends, or will their time together IRL change everything? Follow their romantic comedy adventures to find out!

Title: Doll-Kara manga
Creators: Hanamura, from an original story by Kazuyoshi Ishii with a screenplay by Kei Ryuzoji
Synopsis: Kazuyoshi Ishii, the founder of martial arts organization K-1, had been sent to prison for tax evasion. After serving his sentence, he breaks out of Shizuoka Prison to be immediately killed by a high-speed truck and reincarnated into the body of Kei Ichinose, a high school girl in a coma?! Twenty years after the genesis of K-1, the problem solver of the MMA world now inhabits the body of a schoolgirl and tackles the karate he left behind in this tale of youthful spirit and determination.

Title: The Lioncourt Saga manga
Creators: Nagy, from an original work by Hiroaki Ogura with original character designs from you8
Synopsis: Tadashi Tanaka is your typical office worker. However, a cancer puts an abrupt end to his life at the age of forty-one. Apparently awakened posthumously, he finds himself in a world that looks like medieval Europe. Just like in the Middle Ages, there are no ovens here, people eat with their hands, and pigs roam the streets freely. Worse still, wars between nations are commonplace.

From now on, Tadashi Tanaka must live his second life as Varian de Lioncourt. Can an ordinary office worker survive in this cruel world?

The rise of Varian starts here!

Title: Fushi no Kami: Rebuilding civilization begins with a village manga
Creators: Yoruno Kuroki, based on the original novels by Mizumi Amakawa with original character designs by Mai Okuma
Synopsis: When the civilizations of yesteryear fade from memory and become whimsical fantasies, the only evidence of their existence… are books.

Ash, a young boy living in a remote farming village, has a secret: he has memories of a distant and more abundant past life. Days of toil in the fields sparked a burning desire: to bring more pleasure to the daily doldrums of his dreary present!

And while books may be the answer, Ash…can’t really read! But where there is a will, there is a way. Join Ash as he fights illiteracy and strives for a better life!

Title: Otherworldly Housekeeping Mage: Make your adventures feel like home! manga
Creators: Akihito Onobased on the original You Fuguruma novels with original character designs by Nama
Synopsis: Alec, an A-rank adventurer, meets Shiori, a woman with the mysterious title of “household mage”. She has so little magical power that she is useless as a battle mage, but to make up for this, she uses her magic to take care of all the day-to-day tasks of an expedition, such as laundry and cooking, on her own.

As Alec adventures with Shiori, his new use of magic provides a hot bath and delicious food…in other words, an environment far too comfortable to be called “camping”! He is completely in love with her, but she has a certain secret…

Title: VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral After Forgetting To Turn Off My Stream light novel
Creators: Nana Nanato with illustrations by Siokazunoko
Synopsis: Yuki Tanaka, a twenty-year-old former wage slave, now works among her idols: the streamers of Live-On, one of Japan’s leading VTuber companies. As the gorgeous and polished Awayuki Kokorone, she only delivers the most feminine content. Unfortunately, his subscriber count and savings are at an all-time low.

One night, after Yuki thinks she’s ended her stream, she cracks a few cold jokes – and more than a few rude jokes – while watching Live-On’s video archive. But his viewers hear it all, and snippets of his drunken, bawdy comments go viral overnight. Yuki thinks her career is over…until her manager reveals that everyone at Live-On has been expecting her all along and gives her free rein to drink live.

Now freed from all feigned purity, she jumps straight into her new “drunk rowdy” persona and is welcomed into the fold by her fellow Live-On VTubers, who turn out to be just as crazy as she is! With her opinions and finances soaring, Yuki’s job, for the first time in her life, is truly fun!

Title: D-Genesis: three years after the appearance of dungeons light novel
Creators: Tsuranori Kono with illustrations by ttl
Synopsis: Three years ago, dungeons suddenly appeared on Earth after an experiment in Area 51 went wrong. Now everyone from ordinary citizens to soldiers explores these monster-filled labyrinths in search of wealth, power, and magic.

Keigo Yoshimura is an office worker with no sense of adventure, who dreams of quitting his job to live the easy life. While on a work call, he stumbles upon the birth of a new dungeon and accidentally acquires a magic skill that turns underground exploration into an RPG. Things spiral out of control and Keigo becomes the best explorer in the world.

With the help of Azusa Miyoshi, his math-savvy colleague and new dungeon-diving business partner, he might be able to turn the status screens he sees into piles of cash. Unfortunately, Keigo finds himself under surveillance by the military, government agencies, and even more sinister forces. What happened to his dream of taking it easy?!

Title: The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel
Creators: SHU with illustrations by Shizumayoshinori
Synopsis: Tired of the relentless war that destroys humans, spirits, and demons, the demon king of tyranny, Anos Voldigoad, reincarnates to restore peace. Two thousand years have passed… but who would have known that the complacency of his descendants would cause magic to regress so much? After receiving an invitation to the illustrious Demon King Academy, a school tasked with locating the reincarnated founding ancestor, Anos decides to enroll, only to discover that his magic is off the beaten path – literally! With a power too great to measure, the former Demon King is branded a misfit. How will he convince the demons that the founder of the school stands before them? Thus begins a misfit’s rise to the top of the demon hierarchy!

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