Is Yellowjackets based on a true story? Real inspirations explained

Showtime drama / thriller Yellow jackets, which follows a football team after a plane crash, is actually inspired by real events and based on a classic novel. Yellow jackets brings major talent to the screen with Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci in the main cast. The addition of two intertwined timelines guides viewers through multiple intriguing subplots in the past and present. This is one of the first shows of its kind, as most viewers only experience the tragedy and not what comes after. Tactfully, the female-focused series covers themes of friendship and competition, as well as female rage, lust, exploitation and loss.


Yellow jackets the characters include a wide array of girls on a high school soccer team heading to the national championships. Their plane crashes into the Canadian wilderness, leaving a trail of the dead in its wake. Tables of mask-wearing rituals and tribal groups make sudden appearances throughout the episodes, foreshadowing what is to come for the team. In the present, the remaining survivors try to keep their past a secret. Natalie (Juliette Lewis) leaves rehab to seek out Team Assistant Misty (Christina Ricci). Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) leads a mundane life with her daughter Callie and cheating husband Jeff. Finally, Taissa (Tawny Cypress) tries to develop her political platform while dealing with issues at home. Meanwhile, a reporter, who may not be who she claims to be, sniffs out their past.

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The series has plenty of wild moments, like the immediate flashforwards to cannabilism in the very first episode, the confrontation with Natalie’s guns or Misty cutting off the assistant coach’s leg, to name a few. . Some of the best content comes in the form of character arcs from the girls. With the added benefit of two timelines, Yellow jackets explore what would happen to these girls if they were stranded, hungry and alone in an extremely realistic way. Given that Yellow jackets boasts of such three-dimensional characters that the audience must be wondering: is this real? The answer is somewhere between a “yes” and a “no”. There are two main inspirations that creators give credit to.

Yellowjackets is inspired by real tragedy

Andean Flight 751 survivors

Parts of Yellow jackets are based on the actual tragedy of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. In 1972, the Old Christians Club rugby team booked a flight from Uruguay to Chile to watch a match against the Old Boys Club. Due to bad weather and an inexperienced pilot, their plane crashed in the Andes mountains. Three crew members and eight passengers died instantly, while 34 people initially survived. Since the team and their family members crashed in such a remote location, they have been stranded in the frozen wilderness for about 72 days. During this period, several other people died from injuries and exposure, and some resorted to cannibalism. After just eight days, search efforts were called off and survivors were stranded until Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa walked for 10 days to reach the Chilean border.

While the main part of the story is based on a novel, Yellow jackets follows a lot of what happens in the plane crash in the Andes. Like the rugby team, the Yellowjackets girls’ soccer team also crashed into the northern wilderness, although the show does not reveal the reason for the crash. One difference is the length of time the girls are stuck. The show’s crew has been stranded in Canada for almost two years, rather than two months. An unpleasant similarity is that of cannibalism. It is not uncommon for people to resort to the horrific act when deserted for an extended period of time, nonetheless, it is a disgusting theme that links spectacle and tragedy.

When it comes to predicting the trajectory of Yellow jackets it might be useful to dig deeper into flight 571. No one knows how the girls were discovered yet, so maybe two brave girls break up from the group and ask for help. There are bound to be a few squad members who die from injuries and exposure before they have to face the Masked Teens Tribal Council. So far, the public knows only five adult survivors (Misty, Natalie, Shauna, Taissa and Travis). However, no one is quite sure how it all plays out until the show reaches a conclusion.

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Yellowjackets is an adaptation of Lord of the Flies

Yellow jackets is an all-female adaptation of Lord of the Flies. Originally, the adaptation was planned by Warner Brothers Pictures to be a feature film. However, series creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson decided to present the idea as a five-season storyline. HBO almost bought the rights, but Showtime ultimately won them. Many people were skeptical about whether or not teenage girls could capture the barbarism depicted in William Golding’s classic novel. However, any spectator can see that this has not been a problem at all.

Lord of the Flies, which has two previous film adaptations, is set in the midst of a wartime evacuation. A British plane crashes on a remote Pacific island and the only survivors are a group of pre-teen boys. At first, the boys are doing quite well. A child cruelly dubbed Piggy finds a conch shell, and the main character Ralph uses the conch as a communication tool within the group. Most of the boys elect Ralph “boss”, but there are a few who get into trouble later. Things start to fall apart between the boys when idleness sets in. There is a pervasive paranoia about an omnipotent “beast” that they all start to believe in, and it comes to a head when Huntingmaster Jack neglects to send a signal to a passing ship.

Later in Lord of the flies, a fighter pilot dies on the island in an airstrike, several of the children see his corpse in the trees and take him for the beast. Jack lacks the original tribe and forms his own which performs strange rituals and sacrifices to the beast. Jack’s tribe confuses a calm boy named Simon with the beast and they kill him, with the participation of Jack and Piggy. Somehow, the object of power is no longer the conch shell but turns into broken glasses of Piggy. Piggy tries to speak with the tribe, but Roger drops a boulder on him and kills him. Jack and his tribe set the forest on fire as they attempt to hunt down Ralph and the fire brings down a passing cruiser. The boys are rescued by a British naval officer, but their experiences have left them broken and lost.

All that the show changes from the lord of the flies

One of the reasons behind Yellow jackets ” the good reviews are due to the plot of Golding’s novel. However, contrary to popular belief, none of the boys in Lord of the Flies resort to cannibalism. Barbarism, yes, brutality, of course, but no cannibalism. Moreover, the novel does not follow what happens to the survivors. Another obvious difference is the fact that Yellow jackets is a narrative led by women, while the book only features young men. Additionally, the series appears to be much more focused on the whole in its storytelling rather than individualism. There aren’t any characters that audiences can point to and say “that’s supposed to be Jack” or “that’s the character of Piggy,” which frankly makes the show better. In addition, there are a few bits of exhibit information that are not the same, such as the period, the conch, and the fact that the children in Lord of the Flies had no previous affiliation.

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Maybe the necklace from episode 1 will become the conch. Perhaps the wrong “beast” will be the trainer, who falls from the plane and gets impaled by a tree with a mysterious symbol engraved on it. At some point, the girls will likely split into rival tribes. Considering that they had not had any difficulty getting along before the crash, the environment is sure to bring unemerged tensions to a boil. Really no one knows, but viewers who know Lord of the Flies may be able to guess about the future of Yellow jackets.

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