India in discussion for a local version of the Annecy Animation Festival

The Indian government is in talks with the Annecy Animation Film Festival in France to hold a local version of the festival in the country.

Senior Indian official Ravinder Bhakar, who is CEO of Central Board of Film Certification and Children Films Society of India, Managing Director of National Film Development Corporation and Managing Director of Films Division, revealed the development during a discussion in India group. at the Venice Production Bridge on Saturday.

When panelist Cristian Jezdic, VP of Cartoon Italia and CEO of beQ entertainment, was hoping for a strong animation film festival in India, Bhakar said, “Certainly, we have good news about it. Discussions are underway with Annecy and we will announce it very soon.

The objective of the panel was to create a common audience for Italy and India. Moderated by producer, festival programmer and veteran of Indian cinema Paolo Bertolin, the panelists also included actor Hrishitaa Bhatt, who is on the steering committee of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, and Guglielmo Marchetti, president and CEO of Notorious Pictures.

Bhakar spoke about the 30% incentives for international productions and co-productions shot in India which were revealed at Cannes earlier this year and also called for an overhaul of the existing co-production treaty between Italy and India.

“Changes need to be made, so that he is more proactive, because we are not getting the kind of expected co-productions between India and Italy, which it should have been,” Bhakar said. “India has everything possible, it’s the land of storytelling, it has talented manpower available at a very reasonable cost – all kinds of advanced technologies are available from us. India has beautiful iconic places, the beaches, the desert, the forests – a makeover needs to be done in this regard, so that we have a more fruitful relationship and more productive films to come for the common audience.

Bhatt said the conversation on Indo-Italian audiovisual cooperation started in Venice and will continue at IFFI in November. “We look forward to encouraging culture and tourism in both countries and may we have a fantastic Indian-Italian partnership,” Bhatt added.

Bertolin mentioned that the Italian Minority Co-production Fund, which was created in 2021 with an annual budget of 5 million euros ($4.9 million), allows Italian producers to enter the international production of more flexible way and fits perfectly with Indian incentives.

“It is indeed a great time to start collaborations between India and Italy, because now the institutional setup favors that,” Bertolin said.

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