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November 21, 2021

As the popularity of the Apple Watch increases, Apple continues to release more models.

Among them, the two most popular models are “Apple Watch Series 7” and “Apple Watch SE”.

This time, let’s compare these two models to decide which Apple Watch is right for you.

1. Display and design

One of the most striking differences between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch SE is the screen size.

Image: MakeUseOf

Series 7 has the largest screen in the Apple Watch series.This size was achieved by making the case long vertically and significantly narrowing the bezel around the screen. Let’s compare the display area by size.

45 mm display model: 1,143 mm2

41 mm display model: 904 mm2

44 mm display model: 977 mm2

40 mm display model: 759 mm2

SE has the same screen size as the Apple Watch Series 4-6.

It might seem like a little difference, but it’s definitely different when comparing the 7 and SE series.The big screen enhances every experience on your Apple Watch.

To showcase the screen size, Apple is offering two new watch faces that can only be used with the 7 Series.

The “outline” dial has numbers placed on the edge of the screen. The “Modular Duo” dial lets you see two data-rich complications on a single screen.

again,Starting with watchOS 8, Apple made the buttons and onscreen elements of authentic apps like the Series 7 stopwatches, activities, and alarms even bigger and easier to use.

Image: MakeUseOf

And the main feature of the 7-only series is that it has a QWERTY keyboard that can be typed and swiped. Special AI lets you see what you type on the screen.

The final difference between them is that the Series 7 has an “always on” feature which SE does not.As you can imagine from the name, it still shows the time and app info, even with your wrist down.

Although the screen size is different, the two models have a similar design with a digital crown and side buttons. Both the sensor and the charging connector are on the back.

2. Function

The 7 and SE series also have different measurable healthcare functions.Both have a heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate at that time and notifies you of high or low heart rate. It also informs you of irregular heartbeats.

I compared the popular

Image: MakeUseOf

Only the Series 7 has the ability to measure blood oxygen and the EKG machine.

Similar to heart rate measurement, the Series 7 measures oxygen levels in the blood. It is an important indicator to measure the value of hemoglobin in red blood cells which carry oxygen.

To use the ECG app, place your finger on the digital crown and measure your heart’s electrical signal. If you have an abnormal EKG, you may have a heart problem and need treatment.

Unlike blood oxygen, the EKG must be done manually each time. All the information is available in the Apple Health app.

3. Battery life and charging

The Series 7 and SE batteries aren’t that different in size, but Apple says they both have a maximum runtime of 18 hours under normal use.

Hence, keep it good enough for a day until you charge it at night.

When it comes to charging speed, the 7 series is better thanks to the improved hardware.With the Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charging included with Series 7, you can charge up to 33% faster.

With this fast charge, a fully charged Series 7 can be fully charged in about 45 minutes.

4. Size, color, price

I compared the popular

Image: MakeUseOf

Series 7 is available in two sizes, 45mm and 41mm. You can choose from a variety of cases and colors, the lower model is the aluminum case, which comes in five colors: midnight, starlight, green, blue and (PRODUCT) RED.

The GPS model starts from 48,800 yen (tax included) and the GPS + Cellular model starts from 60,800 yen (tax included).

The Apple Watch Nike Series 7 can be purchased at the same size and at the same price. You can only choose one case from Midnight and Starlight, but you can choose a special Nike sports band.

It also has a Nike watch face only for the model and comes pre-installed with the “Nike Run Club” app.

Models with silver stainless steel, black stainless steel, and graphite stainless steel cases start at 82,800 yen (tax included).

Titanium or black titanium case models start at 94,800 yen (tax included).

For lovers of luxury brands, there is also the Apple Watch Hermès series, which starts at JPY 141,800 (tax included). Combine a high quality bracelet with the Series 7 stainless steel.

I compared the popular

Image: MakeUseOf

The GPS model from SE starts from 32,800 yen (tax included) and the GPS + Cellular model starts from 38,800 yen (tax included). The case is made entirely of aluminum and is available in three colors: space gray, silver and gold.

The Nike SE models are the same price and are available in space gray or silver.

Which Apple Watch to choose

When wondering about your Apple Watch Series 7 or SE, it’s important to think carefully about what you need and how to use your Apple Watch.

If you are looking for a full set of features to track your health, the Series 7 is your best bet.Also, if you want an Apple Watch with the biggest screen possible, you can go for a more expensive model.

But to buy the first portable device,If you are looking for something with good value for money, I think you should go for SE.

You can get an Apple Watch with a great screen and a lot of features for a pretty low price.

Choose the Apple Watch that’s right for you

The Apple Watch Series 7 and SE look a lot alike, butThere are major differences from this.

Make sure you understand these two models and choose the one that works best for you.

I compared the popular

I compared the popular

Original article: Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch SE: which one to choose? by MakeUseOf

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