Hope for dialysis patients in showbiz – Manila Bulletin

(Left to right): Seigo Tsuchiya, Managing Director of Nipro Asia, and Takato Senoo, President and CEO of Nipro Medical Philippines.

To date, a few entertainment and news personalities have undergone renal replacement therapy to save their kidneys. Veteran entertainment writer Lolit Solis has been talking about dialysis since mid-2022.

Meanwhile, TV journalist Doris Bigornia also underwent dialysis after being hospitalized last year.

Beauty queen Bea Rose Santiago underwent dialysis in 2018 after being diagnosed with kidney failure due to her chronic kidney disease. Last April, however, Bea Rose’s 24-year-old brother became her kidney donor and the 2013 Miss International had a successful kidney transplant.

Although Bea Rose had her procedure done at Toronto General Hospital, Lolit and Doris understandably need modern facilities at the hospitals they go to.

It is a good thing that Nipro Medical Philippines Corp. (NMPC) has opened a store in the Philippines to meet the needs of Filipinos for high quality hospital products, including those related to kidney care. Local patients, including the most prominent in showbiz, can be assured of safe, world-class treatment.

High officials perform the Kagami Biraki ceremony

“We are a Japanese multinational founded in 1954 in Osaka. We work for the well-being and health care of our society, offering innovative products at the cutting edge of technology. Our teams are trained in good values ​​and professionalism,” said Takato Senoo, President and CEO of Nipro Medical Philippines.

NMPC’s office in Bonifacio Global City is the 57th opened by the company worldwide. Nipro Corporation has 215 offices in 56 countries with over 35,000 employees. Annual sales for 2021 were US$4.1 billion and they aim to be a $10 billion business by 2025, hence the expansion to other countries.

Nipro Medical Philippines has a reduced staff of 11 employees, but they plan to increase that number to 40 by 2023. “We want to be everywhere in the Philippines,” Senoo said. He noted that additional staff will be crucial in boosting sales of their high-end healthcare products and providing excellent after-sales service to customers.

For kidney care, Nipro offers dialyzers, blood lines, catheters, fistula needles, and other dialysis-related equipment. They also sell disposable syringes which were in high demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally, Nipro was a manufacturer of glass products.

NMPC’s grand launch recently took place at the Grand Hyatt Manila in BGC and was marked with a Kagami Biraki ceremony to usher in good fortune. The event was attended by the following personalities: Seigo Tsuchiya, Managing Director of Nipro Asia/Board Member, NMPC; Nihei Daisuke, Minister of the Japanese Embassy; Undersecretary of Health Lilibeth David; and attorney Luis Araneta, treasurer of Araza Law Firm and Nipro Medical Philippines Corp.



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