Five Chilean animated feature films will take center stage at the Cannes Film Market

This weekend at the Film Market, during the Cannes Film Festival market, Chile will present five animated films in search of partners. For a country that has barely released a dozen animated feature films in its entire history, this is a turning point.

The five feature films will be shown on Saturday July 10 as part of the Animation Days segment of the market. They vary widely in theme, tone, and technique, ranging from 2D to CGI, and from travel comedies to war dramas. Yet the stories are all rooted in their countries of origin, depicting the history, politics, traditions and landscapes of Chile.

This list of local animation IPs with confidence shows how far Chilean animation has come over the past two decades. At that time, the country’s films and series, such as Paper port and Nahuel and the magic book, have won praise around the world; the short movie Bear story even won an Oscar. Studios have proliferated – mostly in 2D, but increasingly in CGI and stop motion as well – as have educational opportunities.

As Cristián Freire, coordinator of the Chilean animation delegation at Cannes 2021, tells Cartoon Brew, “In the last ten years the quantity and quality of Chilean films [animation] studios has grown enormously, with artists better prepared in the discipline, access to technological tools and institutional support.

This growth is reinforced by a three-pronged public financing system. The CORFO economic development agency supports series and feature films in their early stages. CNTV, the agency that oversees television services, invests in many animated series. Finally, the Audiovisual Fund of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage covers all stages of the development and production of animated feature films, short films and web series. All the feature films of the Marché du Film have benefited from it.

Yet the cost of producing animation is such that local money alone cannot necessarily cover a full feature film. Two of the films below are currently being edited into international co-productions, and this model is likely to continue. “I would say that with new co-production deals with countries around the world,” says Freire, “the chances of getting foreign funding and, of course, talent will become common practice in all types of productions, not only in feature films. . “

Freire emphasizes the importance of feature films to Chile’s long-term animation strategy. Productions help develop the industry, of course, but feature films too “often have artistic, cultural and social objectives which are important to our society”. The projects going to Cannes certainly promise to bring that kind of value.

Read on for more details on the five films that will be showing at Animation Days:

Underground stories (Historias Clandestinas)

Year of production: 2023
Format: Animation and shooting 2k
Duration: 90 minutes
Countries: Chile, Sweden
Director: José Maria González
Producers: Catalina Donoso, Patricio Ochoa, Kamila Velich
Production Companies : Cusicanqui & Niño Viejo (Chile) in co-production with Laika Film & Television (Sweden)
Step: late development / pre-production

Synopsis: Franco Franco is a teenager who only interacts with Siri, his computer’s virtual assistant. To get closer to him, his father Ariel starts reading him a graphic novel he wrote some time ago. It tells of Ariel’s experiences as a child during the Pinochet dictatorship and how her parents decided to hide two of the military regime’s most wanted people for ten years.

The Devil’s Vein (La Veta del Diablo)

Year of production: 2024
Format: 2k
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: Chile
Director: German Acuña
Producer: Sebastien ruz
Production company: Carburettors
Step: pre-production

Synopsis: At the height of the 1920s mining boom in the Atacama Desert, Mercedes, a humble 16-year-old girl, decides to steal a mysterious gold coin. She hopes to use it to help her brother, who has gotten into trouble with the real owner of the gold: the devil under the desert.

Devil's vein

Grandfather Miguel (Tata Miguel)

Year of production: 2021
Format: 4k
Duration: 80 minutes
Country: Chile
Director: Tomas montalva
Producer: Cecilia Baeriswyl
Production company: Llolleo Creativo
State: pre-production

Synopsis: Grandpa Miguel makes the last trip of his life in search of his childhood sweetheart with the help of his eight-year-old granddaughter, whom he has just met. Grandpa Miguel teaches him on this trip that adventure cannot wait!

Uky & Lola in the Land of Fire (Uky & Lola in Tierra del Fuego)

Year of production: 2021
Format: 2k
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: Chile
Director: Fabian Andrade
Producer: Simon barrionuevo
Production company: Savage Band Studio

Synopsis: Uky, a fiery young Selk’nam, and Lola, an apprentice shaman, must save their people from the evil sheep herders who try to enslave them and usurp the land. Uky and Lola must work together to learn how to channel the magic of spirits, restore balance in the Karukinka, and resolve the eternal conflict between the Sun and the Moon.

Uky and Lola in the land of fire

Winnipeg Seeds of Hope (Winnipeg el Barco de la Esperanza)

Year of production: 2023
Format: 4k
Duration: 80 minutes
Countries: Chile, Spain
Directors: Elio Quiroga, Beñat Beitia
Producers: Antoni Marin, Ricardo Ramon, Marianne Mayer-Beckh
Production Companies : La Ballesta, Dibulitoon, El Otro Film
Distributors: La Distribucion (Chile), Barton Films (Spain)

Synopsis: Victor, a widowed father, left Barcelona in 1939 with his granddaughter Julia. In France, concentration camps and trials await them. But there is a chance to escape aboard the Winnipeg, a ship that poet Pablo Neruda and the Paris Quakers chartered to take over 2,000 people safely to a new destination: Valparaiso, Chile, where a new life is possible.

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