Final Airbender Set Photos Reveal Fire and Water Nation Locations

Avatar: The Last Airbender set photos reveal the Northern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation Throne Room, two important locations in the series.

New photos from the set of the next Avatar: The Last Airbender The live-action series reveals the Northern Water Tribe and Fire Nation throne room. Based on the Nickelodeon series of the same name, Avatar: The Last Airbender will be a live-action remake of the anime series, following the same story and characters. The series is set to premiere on Netflix with eight one-hour episodes making up its first season.

Avatar: The Last Airbender will follow the titular Avatar, Aang, after waking up after being trapped in ice for 100 years, where he must balance the four elements and stop the warring Fire Nation. The series will follow Aang as he learns to master the four elements in his efforts to carry on the legacy of the extinct Air Nation. Given the high regard for the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender is has a high bar to hit in its new take on bringing the story up to date for contemporary audiences.


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On Twitter, footage of the Northern Water Tribe and Fire Nation throne room is leaked, showing similarities to their animated counterparts. Along with what can be seen beyond the film’s equipment, the Water Tribe photos show the arctic, mountainous physical characteristics that the location conveyed. The throne room conveys the ornate design with the orange and gold colors that make up the Fire Nation aesthetic. Check out the images below:

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The Water Tribe footage suggests the story will develop similarly to the anime series, with Aang traveling there to learn waterbending. It also fuels speculation about the appearance of Avatar Kruck, who is said to appear in Avatar: The Last Airbender, originally from the Northern Water Tribe. The throne room set indicates that some scenes will take place in the Fire Nation, although few scenes take place there in the early episodes of the series, given that Fire Prince Zuko is already traveling to find the Avatar when the show begins.

Despite Avatar: The Last Airbender having promising settings, it’s always a bit of a waste that the same story is told again instead of any other interesting story in this world. With the anime series so fondly remembered, remaking it all over again feels like a formula for disappointment, especially after the lackluster 2010 film adaptation. Avatar: The Last Airbender remains high, and if the series could maintain the look of the original series, as it seems to be trying to do in the leaked photos, it could turn out to be something magical.

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