Favorite Fall Sweets: Konbini Series [2021 Edition]


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Japan is well known for its seasonal or limited edition foods and drinks that come out twice a year.

That means now is the perfect time to review fall desserts from konbini (convenience stores)! Here are some of my favorites this year:


First of all, MINISTOP and its delicious autumn desserts!

Last year, the konbini launched its MINISOF brand stores offering soft ice cream desserts made with carefully selected milk and other ingredients from Hokkaido Prefecture. One of their innovative limited edition items is soft drinkable ice cream の む ソ フ ト ク リ ー ム nomu sofuto kurīmu.

At the end of August 2021, MINISOF released a limited edition menu that includes four items, including one nomu sofuto kurīmu Mont Blanc (which happens to be my favorite at the moment)! Their appearance reminds me of the beginning of autumn. They are the perfect treat for this time of year.

Let’s take a closer look at their fall selection:

Mont Blanc soft-serve waffle cone (ワ ッ フ ル ソ フ ム モ ン ブ ラ ン waffuru sofuto kurīmu monburan)

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Author: Raisin Japon

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