Every Movie and TV Show Starring The She-Hulk, Ranked According to IMDb

After the touching teen drama that was Ms. Marvelfans can now enjoy the lawyer’s story, She-Hulk: Lawyer, currently streaming on Disney+. At the center of the story is Jennifer Walter, aka She-Hulk, who marks her live-action debut in the MCU, 42 years after her first appearance in The Savage She-Hulk #1.

While She-Hulk doesn’t have a huge presence in Marvel-related content like her cousin Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, she hasn’t been entirely absent. The super-powered lawyer has appeared in supporting or major roles in a number of animated films and TV shows, either teaming up with The Fantastic Four or working alongside the Hulk. And some projects have managed to portray She-Hulk with more comedic accuracy than others, either to show off her humor or the people she’s worked with.


9 Fantastic Four (1994) – 3.8

She-Hulk’s only appearance comes in the episode “Fantastic Fortitude”, where she and Hulk help the Fantastic Four defeat the Leader’s Gamma Soldiers. She-Hulk and The Thing then flirt but break up after the mission.

The show’s lower rating is a reflection of its many flaws, and its major problem is that it doesn’t grant the guest heroes any character development, with She-Hulk’s brief appearance being a prime example. Due to appearing in just one episode, the anime series fails to explore its arc or provide an idea of ​​who She-Hulk is. A few fights and a moment of flirtation with The Thing is all the character has to do, but the romance angle is a nod to the comics where She-Hulk also dates him. Dated for multiple comic book issues, She-Hulk and Wyatt are considered one of the fan-favorite Marvel comic book couples.

8 She-Hulk: Lawyer (2022) – 5.2

Jennifer Walters suddenly becomes the Hulk when an accident brings her into contact with Bruce’s blood. She tries to juggle between her new life as a superheroine and her usual career as a lawyer.

She-Hulk: Lawyer is a notable project as it is the only time his law career has been explored on screen. Right from the start, fans have reason to be curious because there isn’t the usual origin story where Jennifer Walters gains her powers through a blood transfusion. Instead, it occurs following an accident caused by a Sakaaran spacecraft. Plus, there are some cool bonding moments between She-Hulk and the Hulk, and as that happens, the humor flows just as well as most MCU projects. Despite being a promising legal comedy filled with Jennifer breaking the fourth wall, Captain America references, and clever banter, the show bombed on IMDb, which explains its low 5.2 score.

seven The Superhero Team Show (2009-2011) – 6.0

In The Superhero Team Show, She-Hulk is introduced when Thanos takes Nova captive, destroying Nova Corp in the process. She, Iron Man, and Hercules team up to save him from the Mad Titan.

The Superhero Squad Show was one of the few shows of its era to feature strong female representation in the superhero genre. As a result, She-Hulk contributes just as much to defeating Thanos as Iron Man and Hercules. Sadly, watching She-Hulk send Thanos back to the planet Titan is unlikely live as the alien considered one of the MCU’s best villains is now dead. A complicated relationship between She-Hulk and the Hulk also presents a different portrayal onscreen since most iterations portray the two on good terms. Since Bruce Banner is in his Savage Hulk form, he doesn’t know She-Hulk is his cousin, resulting in a back and forth.

6 Hulk and the Agents of SMASH (2013-2015) – 6.0

In the series, Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Skaar team up to form the Agents of SMASH. The group focuses on threats that other superheroes haven’t been able to handle.

She-Hulk has been a part of many supergroups in the comics, so it’s fun for audiences to see her being a great on-screen team player as well. Since the court cases might be a little complex for a show aimed at younger audiences, She-Hulk joins a pilot here, piloting the SMASH Jump Jet whenever the group goes on missions. With good teamwork comes many victories, the team’s biggest threat was Galactus, one of Marvel’s most powerful villains to join the MCU. This animated series uses more of the typical She-Hulk style of breaking the fourth wall in the comics, though these aspects can sometimes overpower the series’ dramatic moments.

5 Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006) – 6.6

In the episode “The Cure”, Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, loses his powers. She-Hulk is thus brought to replace him in the group.

A major reason Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes is widely considered one of the best Fantastic Four anime adaptations is the numerous guest appearances by most of Marvel’s popular heroes. Still, She-Hulk’s appearance is particularly gratifying because it’s more than just fan service. What happens is quite comical; Just as She-Hulk is set to replace The Thing in Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #12 after the events of Battleworld, the same thing happens in the episode. Unfortunately, with plot brevity being one of the show’s main weaknesses, She-Hulk’s stint with The Fantastic Four ended shortly after it began.

4 The Incredible Hulk (1982) – 6.7

Jennifer makes an appearance in the episode “Enter: She-Hulk”. In it, Bruce visits her in Los Angeles to find out how she is able to maintain her intelligence after transforming into the Hulk. However, the tour is cut short when HYDRA attacks the city.

“Enter: She-Hulk” is an episode to remember as, for the first time, She-Hulk jumps pages on screen with a proper and direct introduction of who she is. The show’s creators don’t assume everyone has read the comics, so the episode lays out the basics of his life perfectly and establishes a bond with the Hulk that has become obligatory. Additionally, the Hulk is portrayed as a hero with weaknesses rather than the super-powered Avenger he normally is. As with the Disney+ series, “Enter: She-Hulk” reminds viewers that Jennifer Walters is the best Hulk since she can control her powers without the need for special gadgets.

3 The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk (1996) – 6.7

She-Hulk appears in a supporting role in Season 1 before becoming one of the main characters in Season 2. She is also portrayed as an athlete.

The animated series is perhaps the closest thing to She-Hulk: Lawyer in terms of personal relationships and general character involvement. More details about her relationship with Bruce are given, showing how they work side by side in the face of peril. Here, She-Hulk is also a star who can take down everyone from Kang to Loki, rather than just a secondary character. As such, the character’s fans feel well served and more compelled to recommend him.

2 Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk (2013) – 6.8

One of the most likable X-Men characters, Wolverine, is hired by SHIELD to hunt down a rogue Hulk. She-Hulk then shows up to help him.

Globally, Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk is extremely enjoyable because it’s literally one extended fight sequence. It’s about the Hulk and Wolverine, throwing everything they have at each other, making the walkthrough feel like a video game. On top of that, loyal Marvel fans will appreciate that She-Hulk is given a better fight-related story with Wolverine here, compared to the comics where their only major interaction involves her being crushed for him.

1 Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017) – 7.1

In the five-part “Contest Of Champions” storyline, She-Hulk shows up to participate in a game between Grandmaster and The Collector. In the end, she is announced as one of the winners.

Like in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies, Ultimate Spider-Man is loaded with humor, an ingredient guaranteed to please fans. The five-episode “Contest Of Champions” arc also feels like an Avengers-level event, given the high number of heroes involved. MCU Fans Only Know The ‘Contest Of Champions’ Clash Between Thor And Hulk In Thor: Ragnarok, but in the animated series, almost any major hero can participate, allowing She-Hulk to shine as one of the strongest of the bunch.

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