Esha Deol on her obsession with animation, the Hollywood voiceovers she’d love to give

The original “Dhoom” daughter, Esha Deol, knows how to play both the role of actor and mother with aplomb. She not only has projects such as Ajay Devgn’s ‘Rudra: The Edge Of Darkness’ and Suniel Shetty’s ‘Invisible Woman’ but also continues to give insight into her beautiful family via social media posts.

However, very few know that the 40-year-old is also obsessed with animation and would love to do voiceovers for some of Hollywood’s popular characters. “Of course, I’ve always wanted to do this,” Esha tells Outlook when asked if she’d like to do the voiceover for the Hindi adaptation of the Hollywood animated characters.

Specifying a particular character, she says: “In the movie “101 Dalmatians”, the character of Cruella has always fascinated me, especially her way of acting and her voice. The second will be The Little Mermaid and I would love to give it my voice.

The actor recently celebrated the launch of popular anime series “Naruto” on Sony YAY! in 5 languages.

The show takes audiences into the world of a young ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who learns the importance of friendship, teamwork, and loyalty throughout his journey on the show.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Anime as a genre and being a kid in the 80’s I grew up watching Naruto. The launch of Naruto on TV really got me excited because now I have the chance to watch my favorite show with my kids,” says Esha.

Esha also says that she has always been extremely fascinated by animation and especially action in animation. “I’ve loved watching the action since I was a kid,” she says.

When asked if she also allowed her children to enjoy entertainment, just like their mother, she replied that she was a mother who allowed her children to watch television under supervision.

“They have some television time because they also have a schedule with studies and classes, and then there’s recess. I don’t deprive my children of being fascinated by something, in the end they are human beings. If they like a particular show or content, I let them watch it. But then there is a time limit to watch TV, with that I am a bit strict but when they have this little TV time, they like to watch animations and a lot of action films, ”she summarizes .

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