Ed Asner reprized ‘Carl’ role in animated short ‘Dug Days’ coming soon to Disney +

CHICAGO – East Hollywood remembrance of actor Ed Asner after his death during the weekend. The 91-year-old has found small-screen stardom on shows like the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”.

He is also remembered for one of his recent roles, playing Carl in the animated film “Up”. He recently reprized his role in one of his last performances which will be airing soon on Disney +, but the real star of “Dug Days” is his canine companion.

The big happy dog ​​with the special collar that translates barking to “people talking” is back!

“He’s so pure of heart and yet there are times when he thinks he’s a wolf and wants to catch squirrels and all that. But usually he’s a lover,” said director Bob Peterson.

The movie “Up” was a critical and box office success for Pixar and Dug was a standout character. Now he and his human Carl are featured in five episodes streaming on Disney +. Re-visiting this world for television was quite a challenge for the production team.

“Can we achieve the same quality? Can we achieve the same shade and beauty of the animation, of the lighting? All the different elements of the cinema. Our team really came together and did their best. and I think it shows in the shorts, ”producer Kim Collins said. noted.

“I love coming back with these characters. I loved working on the movie. I loved working with Ed Asner as Carl and being Dug. It was just the warmth between a person and their pet. Carrying on is so magical for us to express, those of us who own dogs, ”said Peterson.

That’s right – Peterson plays Dug the dog.

“It’s an honor to play a dog, and I say that sincerely,” Peterson said.

“Dug Days” airs on Disney + starting September 1. Disney is the parent company of this ABC station.

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