Duffer Brothers From ‘Stranger Things’ Confirmed To Make Live-Action Adaptation Of Japanese Anime Series ‘Death Note’

The Duffer Brothers show no signs of stopping with the release of stranger things Season 4. As they prepare to produce the show’s fifth and final season, Netflix recently announced that the brothers have already established a new production company, Upside Down Pictures.

As part of their new series of projects under the production house, Netflix took to Twitter to give fans a taste of what to expect from the Duffer Brothers. The duo plans to create a new live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese anime series, Death threat. In 2017, Netflix released a live action Death threat film directed by Adam Wingard with Nat Wolff.

In addition to the new live-action project, the Duffer Brothers still plan to move forward with stranger things spin-off series and stage adaptation, which will certainly keep them busy for the next few years. Other projects from their new company Upside Down Pictures include a new original series from the creators of Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance plus an adaptation by Stephen King and Peter Straub The talisman. There is no date when Death threat will start production.

Elsewhere in entertainment, the Duffer Brothers gave an update on stranger things season five timeline.

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